Keep Update 03/19/04

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Keep Update 03/19/04

Post by Alkalund » Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:57 pm

Here I am again to bring the news, and there is a lot to announce this week!

It looks like the eternal Blood War has reached the gates of the Infinitum Forge this week! There are new hordes of Baatezu demons and a few others to populate your D2 mods available:
- BG2/IWD2 Cornugon (GIFs & DCCs) by Phrozen Heart
- BG2/IWD2 Cambion (Redone GIFs & DCCs) by Phrozen Heart
- PS:T Red Abishai (DCCs) by Vegabond_635
- PS:T Nupperibo (GIFs & Token Replacement) by Phrozen Heart
- PS:T Giant Skeleton (GIFs, DCCs & New Token) by Phrozen Heart & mouse
- IWD2 White Abishai (GIFs & DCCs) by Phrozen Heart & Vegabond_635
- BG2/IWD2 Djinni with Legs (New Token) by Acromatic Aria

There are 3 new and very nice map plugins available at the Diabolic Cartography this week:
- Andariel Lair plugin by Eltear
- Arcane Lut Gholein by Eltear
- Kurast Dock Town by taLib
They also bring news (together with an impresssive screenshot!) of a new Mephisto's Lair that Lord_drekas has been working on, don't miss that one if you're into new maps :)

The Blackened Mod by Adhin and rav3n has now a beta 2 version up, you can get it here. The Druid and Sorceress are now playable characters in addition to the Necromancer. Also, DDDiablo has joined the Blackened team to work on maps. If you have feedback on this mod, please visit the Blackened forum.

Char has released a beta version of his anticipated d2:elements mod. You can download at the Phrozen Keep File Center here, or at a mirror here. If you have feedback on this mod, please visit the d2:elements forum.

Volf has released a new version of his popular Cheater's Choice Mod. You can read about version 4 of this mod in this forum thread. Be sure to visit Volf's website for updated news on Volf's mod projects.

Old timer modder Phalzyr is back, and he brought goodies with him! We gladly announce D2 Modder v1.12 Final, a tool that makes the job of editing txt files simpler. There is this thread in the Tools Forum for the discussion of this tool.

DarthDevilous brings another very nice and useful tool for those who work with map editing: DS1Edit Loader, a FrontEnd to Paul Siramy's superb DS1 Editor. There is this thread in the Tools Forum for the discussion of this tool.

Ever felt like leveling hordes of demons with a Jedi lightsaber? Well, in case the answer was afirmative, wait no longer! Cafa has released 3 animation plugins based on Star Wars that will help making your dream come true:
- Darth Maul dcc plug-in (replaces the TG token, Werebear)
- Echuu Shen Jon dcc plug-in (replaces the 40 token, Werewolf)
- Jedi Knight dcc plug-in (replaces the 40 token, Werewolf)

A recent modification to the game that is becoming quickly popular is that of enhanced hireling inventory, which makes it possible for your hirelings to use extra equipment! Baron Josh has released the Hireling plugin beta 1.1, together with C++ source.

Still on hirelings, HashCasper has released the Hireling Inventory Plugin for v1.10, which is more than it says, actually: this is a compilation of Zhoulomcrist's Giga Inventory/Stash/Cube/Multi-Trade plugin, SVR's assembly-based Hireling plugin, and the Skills per level plugin (comes in 3 flavors, with 1, 2 or 3 skill points per level). You can read the plugin's readme for more information.

Last, but not least on plugins: newcomer modder Yohann shows some downright awesome coding skills and releases the jaw-dropping PlugY, The Survival Kit 1.00. This plugin will give you virtually infinite storage space in the character's stash, plus a shared stash between single player/tcp-ip games to be used by all your characters, and the possibility of using different save folders for your savegames! You can read the documentation of this plugin here.

This week onyx brings us a nice interview with Char on his d2:elements mod project and his modmaking guide.

That's all for this week, stay tuned for next week's updates :)
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