Keep Update 03/26/04

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Keep Update 03/26/04

Post by kingpin » Sat Mar 27, 2004 1:02 am

So, finally is this week news up and running. I'm a bit late this week and will not hold you any longer, so jump down and read the latest news.

Gamespy Title Fight
There has been a title fight running some time now, where two or more games compete to each other. This week there has been a fight between Diablo2, Starcaft and Counterstrike and guess what? Diablo2 succeed with defeating both starcraft and counterstrike. That was quite amazing and this shows that Diablo2 is still very popular.

You can read more about in here

This week we as well have more animations from Infinitum site, and this will not stop in a long time either.

- PST Fall-From-Grace (Reworked GIFs & DCCs) by Phrozen Heart
- BG2/IWD2 Djinni without Legs (Reworked GIFs, DCCs & New Token) by mouse
- BG2/IWD2 Earth Elemental (New Token) by mouse
- IWD1/IWD2 Wight (Old Version) (GIFs & DCCs) by Phrozen Heart
- PS:T Dabus (Animated GIF) by Phrozen Heart
- BG1 Lesser Fire Elemental (New Token) by mouse
- BG1 Aerial Servant (New Token) by mouse

Visit the site here

We are happy to welcome Vegabond_635 with his Kingdom of Tenai as our latest new hosted site that have been graduated from Charsi's Forge to Phrozen Keep.

You can read more about this project hereor visit its forum here

D2: elements
This week we have got another beta update from our friend Char who is working hard on his mod D2: Elements. Download it and give reports to his forum and help him to improve his mod.

- d2:elements v1.03 by Char Download | Site | Forum

Shadow Empires
They have strengthen their already strong team with another wellknown modder Brother Laz who previous has done Demon Trip 1 & 2 and also some other projects he never finished (D2: Black and Median).

Visit the forum here

This week there are both new tool and upgrades of some popular tools.

- DT1Mask Calculator by dark_elf (Get it Here)
- D2Modder v1.14 by Phalzyr (Get it Here)

Win Ds1 Editor Update
There is a new version of the popular map editing tool by Paul Siramy. In this version he has improved the Advanced Tile Editing window, now you can edit several tiles at one time and this will save the time a lot for all mapmakers.

- Win ds1_Editor by Paul Siramy (Get it Here Visit the Site )

There are several plug-ins out here for you.

- A new Baal Summon plug-in for 1.10 by *Shaky* (Get it Here )
- Ultimate Inventory/Stash/Cube Plug-in by *Shaky* (Get it Here )
- Act3 Dt1's converted to act independent palette by Volf (Get it Here )
- Act4 Dt1's converted to act independent palette by Volf (Get it Here )
- PlugY, The Survival Kit 1.03 Update by Yohann (Get it Here )

Thats all for this week, have a nice modding and playing the next comming week.
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