Keep Update 03/12/04

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Keep Update 03/12/04

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Mar 13, 2004 6:42 am

Sláinte!! It is that time of year, when rivers run green in some towns and everybody wants to be Irish. We didn't find a leprechaun plugin, but in our pot we have a fair share of shamrocks and gold to put a twinkle in your eye! Set down your Harp or Guinness and head for the counter, and I'll dispense less corned beef and blarney and more of the new mods for the old sod. Phrozen Keep go brách!

Chart Your Own Course!
Paul Siramy has a new version of his excellent Win_ds1edit map editor available. Stop by the File Center or orient your compass to the source!

Following in Their Footsteps
Over at Diabolical Cartography we have three new map plugins:
§ Cathedral plugin by Andiamo
§ Catacombs Level 4 plugin by Andiamo
§ Arcane Sanctuary plugin by Joel & Red Havoc

My, What Big FEET You Have!
The demonic vats are bubbling and the new breeds are troubling...your intrepid adventurers, that is. The Infinitum Worx is in full production; Sanctuary beware!
§ BG1 Baby Wyvern (DCCs & New Token) by mouse
§ BG2 Slayer (DCCs) by Phrozen Heart
§ PS:T Acaste (DCCs & New Token) by mouse
§ IWD2 Bugbear Captain (GIFs, DCCs, Plugin & Token) by Phrozen Heart, Pagan Rainfall and mouse
§ IWD2 Orc with Axe (DCCs & Plugin) by Phrozen Heart & Pagan Rainfall
§ IWD2 Orc Shaman (DCCs & Plugin) by Phrozen Heart
§ IWD2 Treant (DCCs & New Token) by mouse
§ IWD2 Verbeeg (DCCs & Plugin) by Phrozen Heart

Working at the Forge
Charsi is having a hard time keeping up, what with hardy adventurers always ringing her anvil with their damaged weapons and armor. Just because somebody gave Andariel a bucket to kick doesn't mean they get one hour martinizing! But in spite of the never-ending repair jobs she finds time to be a good web host for some of our mods. This week she has a beta v1.40 release of Escape from the Afterlife, by mouse.

The Mods Are Coming! The Mods Are Coming!
The Mod Machine is moving full steam on patch 1.10!
§ Valhalla v4.0 by afterlife1488 -- get it here and read about it here.
§ Nezeramontias v1.07 by Acromantic Aria -- get it here and read about it here.
And the 1.09x production line is still open for business:
§ Zy-El v3.7 by Kato -- get it here and read about it here.

Full Dress Rehearsal
Here is an amazing plugin for anybody who thinks their hireling is sadly under-equipped. Now you can provide him or her a complete outfit with those all-important accessories! A big tip of the helm to SVR and Baron-Josh for this gem.

Diablo Clone
This isn't the lengendary world-shaking demon, this is the whole shooting match! Clone the entire game with the v1.10 version of the modified d2gfx.dll, suitable for muling and those important multiplayer mod tests. Brought to you by Yohann, a rising star who earns his knightly spurs the hard way!

So How Do They Do It All?
We wonder ourselves sometimes, but these two tutorials illuminate yet another dark corner.
§ Spawning a random item from a cube recipe in v1.10 by Acromatic Aria
§ General Modding and Balance Guide by Char

This wraps up the Lá Fhéile Pádraig edition, now it's time to wrest that cask of green ale from the Great Horned One, because he certainly is no Irishman! Ware the Ban Sidhe! Until next week...

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
May the rains fall soft upon your fields
Until we meet again,
And may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
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