Keep Update 01/21/2005

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Keep Update 01/21/2005

Post by Alkalund » Fri Jan 21, 2005 3:32 am

Hi everyone, here's me again doing the updates, after what you could only call a LONG absence.... hope everyone is doing great in 2005, may all your modmaking aspirations be achieved this year! Now, onto the news for the week:


Adding to last week's surprise, this week we also have a new winner! Idave is now part of the winner's list, having won a sizeable amount of $21,600. You may well be the next winner! All you have to do is go to the off-topic forums and buy yourself some tickets ;)


Infinity Engine-meets-D2 heaven, aka Infinitum, was updated this week with yet some more sounds from the Infinity Engine games, already converted to D2 format for your convenience; addition for the week is an assortment of sounds from Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal.


The mirror of the Phrozen Keep File Center was recently redesigned by Volf, and is looking really nice :) You can access it by following this link.

And while we are on the File Center subject, it was noticed this week that one of our old forum dumps, namely the General Modmaking - Part 2, was corrupted. I re-uploaded the file, and it should be working good now, so if you value these old forum posts, be sure to update your backups with the working file, which you can get here.


For those who have no idea what we are talking about, enter the game and try using your numeric keypad keys ;) Certainly it is one of the most unused features of the game... this week Rana Loreus came up with the idea of a D2-voiceover mod, aimed to replace the ingame hotkeyed-voices with more useful (and amusing) voice messages :) You can read it in our humor section, right here.


Littlehobbit has recently released the Treasure Collectors Mod, which is now available at the Phrozen Keep File Center. Among other features that you can read about in the readme, in this mod bosses drop complete sets, and all characters start with the cube, wirt's leg, and a tome of town portal. If you feel like collecting some items, give this mod a try!


Last week we annouced the cube plugin by tk_incorperate, based on the simple but original put-one-and-get-two-of-the-same concept. The plugin went through some bugfixing, and we have the newest version for download at the File Center :)


TalonRage has updated his great Unique Items plugin to version 1.3. Among other things, all of the class-specific items were completed (and that is quite a lot by itself!). With the package you will also find a nice readme, plus other readmes stating what was modified in each game file. Follow this link to get this new version.

Now, if you plan on adding unique items to your mod by yourself, but has no idea on how to do it, you may want to check this nice tutorial written by Doombreed-X, covering all of the steps involved in creating a new unique item. Enjoy!


Yeah, that little gem of coding wizardry we've all grown to love in recent times, was once again updated by Yohann, now at version 4.04, and is available at the File Center. This version contains bugfixes, namely a display bug when statPerLevelUp is enabled, and a bug concernig saving procedures when the disk is full. In this version you can now have the mana and hitpoint values display above the globes; not only that, but also a new configuration system was included for modders, read the documentation and forum posts for further details.


That is the central subject in Volf's latest tutorial, available here at the Knowledge Base. In this tutorial, Volf guides us in one possible way in which to replace the Rogue Encampment fences with new, customized ones. Is is a very enlightening and pleasant reading for those interested in this aspect of map editing.

That would be all for the week, next week we will be back with more... have a nice week everyone ;)


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