Keep Update 03/24/2006

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Keep Update 03/24/2006

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Mar 25, 2006 4:28 am

This week we had a contest to see how many patches a modmaker can release in a week. Although GuyAskingQuestion released only two, while Brother Laz and Myhrginoc released three, at least one of those three in each case was a pure bugfix, so perhaps from a content standpoint it was a three-way tie. Char disdained the patch race, but contributed a solid update anyway.

Asking For Seconds
The Second Coming v2.08ff+ and then 2.08ff3+ has been released by GuyAskingQuestion features many enhancements, balancing adjustments and bugfixes. You can download the latest mod package, and talk about it in the Second Coming Forum.

Far From The Median
Brother Laz updated Median 2006 3½ times this week, now at v1.18. You can download the mod at the Median website, and join the heated debate in the Mods By Laz Forum. When it comes to Median, there is always heated debate, except for the undeniable fact that Brother Laz is a highly skilled and prolific modmaker.

Beware The Awakening
The latest incarnation of The Fury Within continues with item and playability refinements and a few crucial bugfixes. Myhrginoc released three patches for TFW: Awakening (alpha 2), now at a2p5. You can get the cumulative patch, and throw your brickbats in the Awakening Forum. And if working on his own mod wasn't enough for a week, GuyAskingQuestion is now helping with TFW skills development!

Elemental Madness
Char manages to make do with one release what some of us need three or four for, with D2: Elements v1.01 making its appearance. You can find the update download link in this thread or wherever Char left a signature, and zip over to the D2:Elements Forum to deliver copious feedback.

Stringing Them Along
The D2Mod MonString Plugin v1.00 by new plugin designer Anson of Sanctuario fixes a string-handling bug in the dmg-mon% modifier found in Properties.txt. If you have a yen to try this fix, get thee to the File Center now!

Luck Of The Draw
BrotherDog notches a fourth win in the PK:OT Lottery, picking up a cool $OT 100,010 for his trouble. If he can do it, why not you? Try your hand at the OT Lottery!

Have you had enough for one week? Then download these updates and play, play, play!
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Re: Keep Update 03/24/2006

Post by Brother Laz » Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:42 am

[quote=Myhrginoc";p="264559"]This week we had a contest to see how many patches a modmaker can release in a week.[/quote]

You're a genius. :mrgreen:
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Re: Keep Update 03/24/2006

Post by GuyAskingQuestion » Sat Mar 25, 2006 5:10 pm

[quote=Myhrginoc";p="264559"]This week we had a contest to see how many patches a modmaker can release in a week.[/quote]

I think that shows how we all can make silly mistakes when it comes to releaseing!
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Re: Keep Update 03/24/2006

Post by Anson » Mon Mar 27, 2006 6:28 am

Looks good! I'm in the news for the second time. Great!

But I think my plugin needs a bugfix. Working on this. :mrgreen:


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