Keep Update 06/02/2006

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Keep Update 06/02/2006

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Jun 03, 2006 2:56 am

The lazy days of Summer are almost here (for many of us). This week the Keep has a sizable selection of amusements to fill your time with.

Rising in the East
Eastern Sun patch R1C makes its appearance, compliments of those hard-working guys tsuru and reiyo_oki. We mirror the mod in our File Center. The changes in this update are too numerous to list here, so we'll point you to tsuru's own list. Join the burgeoning Eastern Sun community discussing the latest turns in this long-running project.

Time to Wake Up!
Two successive patch releases by Myhrginoc in a week bring TFW:Awaken up to version a2p11. Hirelings are improved, and it is now a bit easier to know what Skill Books you might have on hand. The TFW Forum awaits your feedback!

It's Broke, So Fix It
Nefarius updates his fixup plugin for Diablo II v1.11b. Get the latest version here, and read on the many tweaks and cures in this thread.

Do As I Say!
Are your custom monsters misbehaving? Perhaps you have the wrong script! Nefarius shares with us the results of many hours' gleanings from the mysterious realm of monster AI in his latest AI Compendium.

Picture Perfect
Havvoric has developed a new tool that works with GIMP, a free image editor, as described here. Now you can roll your own DC6's when you download the plugin. Don't know about GIMP? Read here for details.

Hidden In Plain Sight
Many of us use WinMPQ to insert files itno and extract from Blizzard's mpq's...or even our own! ShadowFlare had updated his nifty utility to v1.64 some time back, but we can be a little slow when not brought to our attention. You can get the new version here, or visit ShadowFlare's website for full details.

Blast From The Past
Nefarius continues his series of resurrected file guides from game versions long past. This week's Classic Diablo II moment is dedicated to armor.txt from v1.04 on.

Another Blast From The Past
We found a copy of spin's legendary Offsets Spreadsheet for v1.09x right under our own feet. If you have wondered where this collection of useful v1.09x code tweaks was hiding, look here and wonder no more!

Eyes On The Prize
Volf is our lucky winner in this week's PK:OT Lottery, nabbing a crispy $50,436 in fresh-marked OTBuck bills. Of course, with twelve wins under his money belt, luck may not be part of it---his Cabal membership is undoubtably a significant factor. Hence the marked bills and an updated rogue's gallery at Interpol. Want to win? Remember to play!

A big update indeed! I am ready for summer... :car:
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