Keep Update 12/01/2006

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Keep Update 12/01/2006

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Dec 02, 2006 6:41 am

My God, it is December already! Where has this year gone in such a short time? With much of the world gearing up for the Christmas holidays, it is time to check in with Santa's Workshop to see if the elves have any early treats to lust after.

Mod News
Talonrage continues developing his latest project, Lament of Innocence. Currently at version 1.06, the mod features extensive changes to items and skills, with more features coming. Find out why this Lament is worth a song of joy at talonrage's website, where you can read about the changes and download the files. Then stop by the forum to share your opinions.

Skillfully Done!
Nefarius completed his rewrite of the Skills.txt File Guide, which explains much about the arcane workings of this crucial file. If modding skills is your interest, you cannot miss this!

Drink Up, Everybody
Not content to rest on his modding laurels, talonrage clues us in on how to make nifty potions you can't drink over and over. Get the benefits of something like the Potion of Life without having to edit quest code! Read up on the technique here.

One from the Membership
Avid player Midoru submitted a review of Char's mod D2:Elements. We are pleased to present his essay for your consideration. User reviews are always welcome when they cover a mod, tool or plugin, if thoughtfully written and in depth about the subject.

Screenshot of the Week
It would be hard to pick a single image that represents a mod as comprehensive as Zy-El; heck, even the documentation is worth featuring. This week's offering is a tribute to inventive mapping and monster breeding, in v1.09 where it was harder to do so, as Kato shows us why playing on mountaintops can be quite dangerous.

Just in Time for Shopping...
The weeks before Christmas is a good time to pull in the Off Topic Gold, as Necrolis discovered with $33,000 in winnings. (As if the big pot he won last week wasn't enough?) Now all he needs to do is find an Off Topic Department Store! We can't help with that, but we can give all the rest of you a chance to rake in the loot. So what are you waiting for, an invitation from Queen AdiTT???


Not a bad sneak preview of the coming season, eh? Give those elves a bonus!
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Post by Brother Laz » Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:14 pm

Today's update: 1.44. :)

(can't add to my Median 2008 announcement in MA because that would be double posting, can't edit it because it's halfway down the page, can't delete it or the forum will hang. So I'm using this way to get it in the news ;) )
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