Keep Update 12/22/2006

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Keep Update 12/22/2006

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:44 am

'Tis the season to be merry! North of the tropics, houses, trees and lamp posts are twinkling and shimmering against the winter dark. The Christmas ale is flowing, and not a few spirits as well. Many are wondering what might be found under the yuletide tree in just a few days. We were rather curious ourselves, but every time we tried our thieving skills on the old bearded man's bag, we kept rolling bad numbers and fumbling our Hide in Shadows skills. Nonetheless, a scant handful of tidbits discovered kept our efforts from being a total loss!

No Lump of Coal #1
Brother Laz is a bright spot in a dark season. Median 2008 gets a new level and an array of skill adjustments with v1.45. Stop by the Mods By Laz website for more information and the download.

No Lump of Coal #2
Eastern Sun gets a new overhaul with the release of 3.00 R3. After a few enhancements and bugfixes, we have the full R3B download and the latest R3C update patch for your playing pleasure. Or bookmark the source and see what this mod has for those few mod players who haven't tried it yet!

Eye Candy
This week's Screenshot is a scene from Eastern Sun, as an Amazon shows what a gemword can do in a warm place.

No Lottery
The Off Topic Lottery is on holiday, in anticipation of the big $10,000,000 Christmas Jackpot. Some lucky AdiTT is likely to wake up and not even see the tree for all the loot in the way. But Santa is known for juggling coal, so see if maybe the fates would be kind to you instead. Play for yourself and find out!

Peace unto all of good will in this joyous season. Now go kick some demon butt!
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Post by AdiTT » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:56 am

Current jackpot at the OT Lottery is $10,041,080.00 Cash. With the ammount of tickets sold so far 4108 this is going to be a lottery to remember. :) Especially for the one who get the prize!

The good news is that there are many participants so far.

EDIT: And the winner is ...

[align=center]:1st: volf[/align]

The sweet ammount of $10 112 270 in OT cash currency is now packed and sent as a X-mas present to the one who won it. Amazing lottery! Thanks everyone for the participation.

Happy holidays from the Off-topic phorums to everyone! :mrgreensanta:

You can participate in the next lottery by clicking here.
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