Keep Update 02/02/2007

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Keep Update 02/02/2007

Post by Myhrginoc » Fri Feb 02, 2007 6:35 pm

Welcome to the Groundhog Day Edition of the Phrozen Keep News. Punxsutawney Phil may have come out under cloudy skies this year, but most of the groundhogs stayed in their burrows and released neither hide nor hair of a treat for us. Well, if Spring is really around the corner, maybe modding sap will soon rise!

Punxsutawney, Japan???
Our one mod release this week is actually two. Tsuru updates Eastern Sun again with the new full version R3G and bugfix patch R3H. Get them both! You can find out more at the Eastern Sun website, and talk about the latest treats and tricks in the ES Forum. Kudos to tsuru and everybody who helps make this enduring project so lively!

The Gobbler From Gobbler's Knob
Nefarius whipped up a nice tool for removing duplicates from a txt file. Originally intended to remove extras from an MPQ listfile, it can be used on any txt file, including Diablo II's own tables. Get it here, discuss it there.

I Saw My Shadow!!
This week's screenshot is all about you, or at least your characters. The world of Diablo changed forever when Yohann released PlugY out of the blue almost three years ago. Also, for a trip down memory lane, follow the link to where it all began.

How Much Wood Can A Woodchuck Chuck?
This week ssjchris_29 walks away with a not-inconsiderable $375,100 in OTBucks from the PK:OT Lottery. You can't check for your shadow if you don't leave your burrow! Come out and scope the weather for yourself.

That is all the chitterings from this rodent for now. Go kick monster butt!
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