Keep Update 02/23/07

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Keep Update 02/23/07

Post by Nefarius » Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:52 am

Last week we've experienced one of the longest downtimes in keep history, I personally don't remember if it was the longest, but it definetly was the longest since we've moved away from Xfernet. If it wasen't for spin and AdiTT it probably would've extended further, so kudos to you both. You might think we have loads of news gathered within two weeks, think again ;).

Necrolis was promoted to moderatorship this week, his domain of moderation being the Multimedia Forums. Congratulations ;)

Brother Laz has updated his Median 2008 mod to v1.46 and v1.47 since the last news update (and he will probably update it again right after I'm posting this), for information about the changes introduced by both versions consult this thread in Laz' Forum.

First of all, last weeks OT Lotterey winner wasen't reported, so this week has two people in the winners category. Necrolis also who won $31000 in this weeks lotterey besides being the newest addition to the keep staff, and ssjchris_29 who won a third time in a row, taking home $15300 last week. Other winners of the past and present are perpetuated in our winners page, if you want to join this ever growing list, why don't you try your luck?

AI-T sent me several screenshots of items from the Zy-El mod, I've constructed a screenshot jigsaw from several of these screens which I present to you here as this (and pretty much last) weeks screenshot of the week. I've picken the pictures of the unique charms he sent me, but he has also sent in a share of other pictures, all of them you can also see in his private gallery.

Thats that for this week!
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Re: Keep Update 02/23/07

Post by Al-T » Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:54 am

Many thanks for the Jigsaw Nefarius :) .
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