Keep Update 05/04/2007

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Keep Update 05/04/2007

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat May 05, 2007 12:41 am

¡Viva! el Cinco de Mayo!! Almost 150 years ago, Mexicans defended their homeland against a powerful invader and won despite formidable odds. Mariachi is in the air; the cantinas are preparing for the annual onslaught of celebrants looking for margaritas and fajitas. We aim to help, with a couple of new mod releases to work up a healthy appetite for tomorrow's fiest-ivities.

Eastern Sun
Hard-working Tsuru released update R4D to this venerable mod, with another array of fixes and changes for your fighting pleasure! As if frequent releases isn't keeping the crew plenty busy, one of the most active forums on our board, an extensive website, and a hyperactive wiki ensure you will have plenty of resources at your mouseclicks!

Battle for Elements
In the true spirit of the holiday, here is your chance to feel outnumbered against better-equipped opposition. TrueMage gives us release 1.37 to sweat our cares away. This is an update release, so be sure you have the mod patched to v1.36 before installing this version. Then compare your scars with everybody else's in the BFE Forum. Keep an eye out as you play, as TrueMage has begun another one of his famous mod contests.

A Better Mousetrap
Pun intended! This week's screenshot features one of the best tools the Diablo II modding world has ever seen, Paul Siramy's Win_DS1 Editor. There is no better way to build your own Sanctuary than to manipulate the very ground you walk upon. From incremental revisions to whole new vistas, this map editor can set you up. The screenshot features detail changes in the Sisterhood graveyard used in the TFW mod. You will be mousing around this nifty program for weeks to come!

If that isn't excuse enough to crush some ice and salt your flagon's rim, there is no hope for you!


[EDIT 5/5/07]

Is the board itself snockered on tequila? Forum links that work in the Keep Update threads on the Update forum refer you back to the Keep's old URL at Rednas when viewing the "Current News" version on the very front page. This is an internal bug we will work on, preferably before the next update!
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