Keep Update 05/25/2007

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Keep Update 05/25/2007

Post by onyx » Fri May 25, 2007 2:53 pm

Hello, and welcome to the weekly update of the Phrozen Keep, home of StarCraft... ehh, Diablo II modmaking on the internet :oops: There is much to highlight from the week that passed, so without further delays, I give you the news:

Hell, It's About Time
This week's big news, altough not Diablo or modding-related, was the official announcement of StarCraft II. The StarCraft fans had to wait 9 years to officially hear from Blizzard that they are working on a sequel to the majorly succesfull real-time strategy. And my guess is they won't be disappointed, judging from the teasers released on the official StarCraft II website!

Somebody Called For An Exterminator?
It has been a few weeks since Brother Laz updated Median 2008, but fear not, because this week he released another patch for it. The new version is v1.52 and it can be downloaded from the offical Median website. For a list of features, visit this thread.

Need A Light?
GuyAskingQuestion has definately been on fire this week, making several releases of his different projects. First, it's his main active mod currently, The Third Day, which received an update to v0.94b (Full and Extended Full versions) and after that to v.094c. This wasn't enough for GuyAskingQuestion though, he also released The Second Coming v. 2.08 Final, and its TXT files, which you can find in this thread. And on top of all, he reworked his Rapid D2 mod to be compatible with v1.11, adding some spice in the process. That's what I call activity! :)

It Is A Good Day To Die!
Shex has updated his Legend About Nine Demons mod twice this week too - to v1.2 and then to v1.3. You can read all about the mod (or ask a question) here.

Explorer Reporting
This week sees a rare update of Diabolic Cartography, with one new plugin added. The new submission was created by Cubaholic and it modifies the Catacombs Level 4, turning the level into a large maze. Go check it out!

You Want A Piece Of Me Boy?
Ever since we moved from the Rednas servers to the Gamespy ones, the CGI:IRC script that lets you join the #phrozen-keep IRC channel has been disabled, since Gamespy don't support CGI scripting on their servers. But then, Charsi's Forge administrators stepped up to offer help and the script is once again operational! :) Find out more about the Phrozen Keep IRC channel (as well as a link to the CGI script) on this page.

The Hive Cluster Is Under Attack!
Of course this week's screenshot will be StarCraft-themed, did you expect something else? The image shows the Zerg Ultralisk animation convertion that I did for my YGBKM mod a couple of months back. You can see the Ultralisk chasing a Barbarian here.

This concludes the week's StarCraft-Diablo news. I hope StarCraft II stands to the standards that its prequel set years back. And I also hope that the next game announced by Blizzard will be Diablo III! :D
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