Keep Update 07/07/2007

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Keep Update 07/07/2007

Post by Myhrginoc » Sat Jul 07, 2007 8:03 pm

This week's issue of the Phrozen Keep News is a day late and a dollar short. Let that put to rest any rumor 7/7/7 is all that lucky! We did not intentionally delay for this once-in-a-century date. But we are fortunate to have a winning set of downloads to reward your patience!

Far Beyond The Median
Brother Laz slipped a pair of updates under the door on his way to writing his thesis. Median 2008 v1.53, and then v1.54, features major skill shifts and new areas. Get the latest information and download at the Median website. Stop by the Mods by Laz Forum and tell him how ya like it!

The Sun Never Stops
...and neither does the dynamo team of tsuru and reiyo_oki! Eastern Sun gets another significant upgrade and several follow-ons, faster than we can talk about them! We have a couple of packages for you, first the full release of R5B and then the update patch R5C. Don't have Windows? The Eastern Sun Website has the Mac version as well. If you want to know more about the modding world's most active grandfather project, stop by the Wiki and the Forum for more details.

During The Third Day
Our other mod offering comes to you in two versions, from the crafty hand of GuyAskingQuestion. Get the TTD v0.96b and TTD Extended v0.96b patches. Then stop by the Mods by GuyAskingQuestion Forum for details and discussion.

Too Healthy For You?
Necrolis has tuned up (or toned down, if you prefer) the NPC healing in SVR's Utility Plugin for the D2Mod System. SVR released v1.3 way back when with heal turned on for all NPCs in town. If you want old school healing, pick up Necrolis' semifix today.

Asleep At The Switch
There is no screenshot of the week this week.

Draw the cards, roll the bones...may your luck be better than my own!
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