Keep Update 10/12/2007

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Keep Update 10/12/2007

Post by onyx » Fri Oct 12, 2007 8:15 am

If you're a mod player and you're reading this, than you can skip it. This update has no new mod announcements and no released patches, it consists only from tool updates, which is good for the modmakers, but useless for the players. So, modmakers, stay a while and listen:

Note: we're having issues with the site's FTP server, so none of the releases is mirrored on the Phrozen Keep yet. They will be uploaded as soon as possible.

:mrgreenjester: THE NEWCOMER
The first tool I'm going to present today is completely new and it deals with .tbl files. It's a command line library written by DarthDevilous and it has some neat features, like import/export between .txt and .tbl and showing stats for a .tbl file. You can download the latest release of Dtbl here. DarthDevilous also released the source code for the tool, which can be useful for developers. Grab a copy here. You can share your thoughts on the tool in this thread.

The second release is for a tool that most modmakers use and like. And it deals with, you guessed it, .tbl files! :) Afj666 came back with a bang and released a new version of his .tbl editor, now up to version 1.10. And just like DarthDevilous, afj666 decided to release the source code of the tool too ;) Point your browsers to this thread for more information.

This week's screenshot shows you what the Dark Wood should really look like. I mean, it isn't dark or something in vanilla Diablo 2, is it? Anyway, Doombreed-x fixed this and now this level is dark and scary. Take a look at his screenshot ;)

That's all we have to announce this week :scratchhead:
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