Keep Update 27/10/2007

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Keep Update 27/10/2007

Post by Nefarius » Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:57 pm

This week there are three things to report, FilePlanet still isn't back to full functionality, so as with earlier updates this month, you'll have to get them from external links rather then our file center.


Myhrginoc has done a slight update to the SetItems file guide, correcting the information for one of the columns. You can read the file guide by clicking here or visiting the knowledge base.


EzechielP released a new version of the Faith mod (v0.24), info about this new version is available in this thread. This mod is for v1.09d in case you wonder.

GuyAskingQuestion released an alpha version of a completely new mod for v1.11b which features a totally revamped item system, one class completely converted and cube recipes, alongside it also uses my NefEx system as the first officially released mod that does. Everything you need to know and of course also download links are in this thread.

Make that four things :twisted:


This week I've uploaded another screenshot from the project I'm currently working on, it shows one of the many new Ais putting up quite a show of skills and attacks. And this Ai isn't even one of those I'd consider aggressive ;) --- for more info about the entire project you can take a glimpse here if you dare ;)
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