Keep Update 11/02/2007

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Keep Update 11/02/2007

Post by onyx » Fri Nov 02, 2007 5:03 pm

Hello and welcome to this short news update, assembled in the last possible minute. Just when it looked like we were skipping this week's update due to lack of announcements, something popped up, so there you go:

Site Admin Nefarius managed to dig up the MP3s from the old Diablo 2 site, back before the expansion came out. Those were removed from Blizzard's FTP long time ago, but here they are now. The archive includes some outtakes too, so be sure to check it out! The download is located here.

:scratchhead: WHERE TO HOST
We'd like to remind newly registered modmakers who are looking for a site to host their mods that Charsi's Forge is available and waiting for your submissions. By applying for hosting there you'll receive webspace for your files and site and your own mod forum. If you're wondering where to upload your newly created mod, Charsi's Forge is the perfect solution to your problem. If you want to apply for hosting there, contact Malachai29.

Ok, I suppose you're used to looking down from an Act 4 mesa level or Act 5 outdoor level. But how about looking down from an Act 1 wilderness level? Screenshot by I_only_pressed_Esc.

Not many news this week, but in the end, be glad that there is a news update at all ;)
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