Keep Update 16/11/07

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Keep Update 16/11/07

Post by Nefarius » Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:37 am

This week I've finally got more then two things to talk about (namely two new plugins and three new/old mods), so instead of writing another one of those news introductions nobody reads anyway I'm gonna get to the news directly, err wait, I just did, ****.

Mods, New and Used!

The first mod to talk about today was lost for a while and is now available again. I'm babbling about Sir_General's Rune Mod, better to say about v3.01 of this mod, which wasen't linked from his site and wasen't in our file center. Myhrginoc dug this copy up for all of you this week ;). You can grab your own copy from the file center, and of course from this link, which is the same thing anyway :P.

The second mod is another alpha release of GuyAskingQuestion's Ragnarok mod, this is alpha 1 which incorporates new tokens and additional NefEx code. You can get your very own copy from the file center right now. For more information and general discussion of this mod you consult this thread please.

And as if this wasen't enough, GuyAskingQuestion also released v0.96c of this The Third Day mod (well this was from last week, but it somehow slipped through). You can grab your own copy right here. More information and discussion about this release is available here.

Two All(most) New Plugins

I've released a fixed version of my v1.11b Extended Objects NefEx plugin, the previous version contained a little mistake that could rarely lead to a unexpected crash. I urge everyone that is using it to update ASAP.

The second plugin this week is in fact new, GuyAskingQuestion not only released two mod updates this week, he also made available a image pack filled with WoW graphics just for you.

Screenshot of the Week

This weeks screenshot was lifted from Lord_Drekas' personal gallery and shows a totally revamped Arreat Summit map, the picture itself says more then a thousand words. I don't know if this was from a mod or just from a test.

That's three mods posted, so what are you still doing gazing at this text? Go play!
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