Keep Update 01/27/2008

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Keep Update 01/27/2008

Post by Myhrginoc » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:10 pm

Welcome to the Phrozen Keep News, a.k.a. the semi-consistent Weekly Update. We don't normally release on a Sunday, but a few important tidbits have come our way to be passed on to you and we don't want to sit on them.

Back to Diablo
The big release in the mod world is onyx's epic Back to Hellfire v1.00, now no longer beta. Getting the mod may be epic too, this is no small download! Return to that ol' Diablo feel, when we all used to hang out at a sleepy little village in between bouts with the Butcher and a certain unbalanced archbishop. You can find out more from the BTH website or forum.

The Sounds of Space?
Malkor compiled several audio packages from that other Blizzard universe for use in odds and mods. You can populate your realm with the zip of a Zerg, the pizzazz of a Protoss, or stick with plain old Terran. Some miscellaneous sounds will wrap up the ambience for you.

Chart Master
Darth Devilous returns with a new update of his GUI loader for Paul Siramy's Map Editor. Editing and making maps is one of the most cool modding features ever developed, but the Editor can be a trial for new users. Stop by the discussion thread to get a new front end, and start charting your own course through Sanctuary!

Take a Break
Our hosts at GameSpy will be updating their hardware this coming Tuesday, between 9am and 10am Pacific Time (UTC-8). Access to parts of the Keep may be curtailed for about ten minutes or so. Drop us a note if something isn't working after the maintenance window.

If We Knew Then What We Know Now...
Long-time Keepers may remember the Baldur's Gate Mod created by RicFaith and SubSanity. They accomplished quite a bit to bring BG elements into the D2 world. But skills were not easy to work with back then, and even now some changes still require advanced lore. This week's screenshot illustrates two imported BG spells, Mirror Image and Infravision, compliments of our own Wizard of the Double Word, Nefarius. We hope to see a project soon in which Nef would be using these feats, along with the many other carrots dangling in front of our noses. Until then, contemplate the pix, breathe deeply and slowly, swing or fire your weapon of choice and achieve inner peace.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled week in progress...
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