Keep Update 02/24/2008

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Keep Update 02/24/2008

Post by onyx » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:21 am

Hello and excuse us for the delay. I'm posting the news a bit late and in emergency, but at least you get to read something this week ;) Here we go:

This week saw the release of new Eastern Sun version. One of the oldest mods (if not the oldest) on the Phrozen Keep is still going strong thanks to tsuru, who took over the mod from Perfect Cell. The latest new release goes by the version number of 3.00 R6B and was released for PC and Macintosh. There were two more releases before R6B, but they were just so the players could get a preview, so they aren't worth mentioning. You can find the download links for 3.00 R6B on the Eastern Sun website and share your experience from the new release in the Eastern Sun forum.

Last week I informed you of the new tool released by Nefarius, CellConv, which allows you to batch-convert a whole folder of .pcx files into .dc6. This week Nefarius released a new version with added .bmp support and improved palette conversion algorithm. Converting all those inventory images has never been easier! :) Download CellConv v1.1 following the link in this thread.

Our hosts from Gamespy informed us that they will be upgrading their servers to PHP 5.1.4 on Tuesday, February 26th at approximately 10 am PT. There is no downtime expected during the upgrade, but since we will update the forum software too at the same time, to make it PHP 5 compatible, we'd appreciate your reports if anything isn't working after that in the Feedback forum.

:burn: LEGACY
This week's screenshot was pulled out from the gallery of Underkill. Sadly, the modmaker left too quickly, but not before he did some impressive modifications. The image shows a new skill for the Assassin in the mod, called Poison Stream.

Enough for this week's update, and don't act surprised that I'm posting the news two weeks in a row. Stuff happens ;)
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