Keep Update 05/05/2008

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Keep Update 05/05/2008

Post by onyx » Mon May 05, 2008 9:10 am

Another rare edition of the Phrozen Keep news, it almost seems that we need to switch to a monthly schedule lately. Anyway, without further distractions, let's get down to business:

:shocked!: EXTRA LARGE
Altough Brother Laz' Median isn't a part of the Phrozen Keep anymore, his new project Median XL is still big modding news. The mod is currently in public alpha and is being tested extensively. Want to climb aboard? Visit the Mods by Laz site for more information or go directly to his forum.

:loop: WE WANT MORE!
You thought there were tools for everything in Diablo 2 modmaking already? Actually, you were right ;) But that doesn't stop people from releasing new tools. This week saw the release of another calculator for DT1 masks, called DT1-Calc and developed by Cubaholic. Since our File Center is still down, the tool is mirrored on the off-site file center, provided by Volf. Here's the direct link.

And... that's about it for this week, err month.

:alert: Here's a note I'd like to mention: there have been numerous errors and features not working or behaving strangely on the site in the past month. I'd like to ask everyone to be patient while we try to resolve the problems.
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