Keep Update 06/28/2008

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Keep Update 06/28/2008

Post by kingpin » Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:37 pm

This is first time I'm writing the news since years. Could I have got a better time to do so at? No, I'm really excited today as there is some BIG news going on and I will be one of the regular news writters again.

This weekend Blizzard is running their Blizzard Worldwide Invitational.

They are running live stream from the invitational this weekend. All info about the invitational is found here.

Today at their opening ceremony our long wait is over. It was 8 years since Diablo II was released and 7 years since Lord of Destruction.

Blizzard has today revealed that their next game in development is DIABLO 3!

This is some we already learn by watch the stream:

• Diablo 3 is using a 3d engine. But, still use the isometric view we familiar with.
• There are two classes revealed from the in-game video: Barbarian, and a new class Witchdoctor.
• Diablo 3 is using the bnet for multiplayer
• Our screenshot of the week couldn’t be any better than show from the in-game demo blizzard used as stream. You curious already? Take a look here

Phrozen keep goes Diablo 3!
We are all excited here. As we all love to make mods and play games. This couldn’t be any better opportunity for us than open up a new forum. This is our first new official forum in years. You can discuss anything related to Diablo 3 in this forum.

Diablo 2 related news!
Diablo2 is not sleeping forever. There is still exciting news happening in Diablo 2.

Diablo2 1.12a patch
Blizzard released recently their 1.12a patch. It’s not normal a patch is named with “a”. This could mean we have another patch to wait on in future. But, time will tell.

(Official patch notes)| (Download 1.12 a patch)

Dark Alliance preview version

One of the longest in development mods have been releasing a preview version at beginning of this month. I’m talking about my own mod Dark Alliance.

The mod was started back in 1.09d at end of 2002. I did this as my personal project but it grows far away my own imaginations and the result of my work is what you can see here.

Dark Alliance is for 1.10 only.

Dark Alliance Preview Version (include music) | Dark Alliance Preview Version (non music release) | Dark Alliance Optional Music Addon) | (Dark Alliance forum)
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