Keep Update 08/13/2008

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Keep Update 08/13/2008

Post by onyx » Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:32 am

After a little while with no news, here's another update of the site by yours truly.

:steering: BACK ON TRACK
Senior Moderator talonrage is back in action and he returned with a bang :) Click here to read more about the release of Lament of Innocence Beta v2.00, and for a download link for the mod. Here are some highlights from the features list of the mod:
  • Made the mod a single-classed mod again(barbarian-themed)
  • Removed all Superunique Monster's natural ability to regenerate damage from wounds
  • Enabled Holy Water & Sacred Water and added them to normal drop tables
  • Experience Elixirs have been enabled and will be part of drops for all difficulties
  • Enabled perfect gems to drop as normal treasure on Hell Difficulty
  • Added 16 new unique items
For the full story, go to the aforementioned thread. Don't forget to stop by talonrage's forum and tell him what you think.

:hourglass: ON AND FOREVER
The Phrozen Keep will be here for Diablo III, bringing you the latest in modding tips and tricks as we hear about them. It might be rather early, but we have reserved the domain just for that happy day! (We would have selected, but somebody was an even bigger optimist than us!) The new domain is already operational and you can use it to access the site.

:(): DIABLO II... ART?
And now on to a different screenshot of the week ;) While I was looking for one, I stumbled across Zavior's personal gallery and found this amusing image. I guess your computer hates Diablo II a lot to do such a cruel thing! :D

This concludes the update for today, thanks for reading... and caring! :)

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Post by AdiTT » Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:39 pm

Today is also one interesting day ... :mrgreen:

And happy birthday to our beloved Phrozen Heart who created the phorums! :new-bday:
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