Keep Update 09/06/2008

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Keep Update 09/06/2008

Post by onyx » Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:25 am

It seems the traffic on the site has slowed down lately and we almost switched to a monthly update schedule. Finally, there are some news to be posted, and here we go again:

Demon9ne's Immersion mod has sparked some interest and he makes sure not to let his fans down. The new version of the mod, Immersion v1.04, is done and released. Here are some highlights from the features list of the new release:
  • New/Improved title screen, loading screen, character, hireling, inventory, stash, cube, waypoint, upgrade, quest log, and skill tree
  • Skills now require energy exclusively. There are no longer prerequisite skills or level requirements
  • Gambling odds (Rare, Set, and Unique) have improved on Nightmare and Hell difficulties
  • Many enemies have more aggressive AIs and some have new skills
  • You can embark on 25 new "sub-quests" known as "Gheed's Scavenger Hunts" across all 3 difficulties
  • Shrines no longer reveal their true purposes until used
  • Expanded character inventory, stash, and horadric cube
For the full story, visit Immersion's thread in the Non-Hosted Mods forum and don't forget to tell Demon9ne what you think about v1.04! :)

:scratch: NEED SOUNDS?
Malkor was also busy in the past month, releasing two soundpacks from two different games. The first and more impressive one is the Lineage 2 Soundpack with over 300MB of audio files for your use. The second one is Neverwinter Nights Soundpack, containing unit sounds from the game. Round of applause to Malkor for a job well done! :leftthumb:

This time, the screenshot of the week (month?) was actually submitted by an user, something that doesn't happen all that often. The screenshot is from a new mod in development by SheX (he wouldn't share the name of the mod) and it shows a random generated boss with a familiar name. Is this really Satan with a typo or is it just a copycat remains to be seen in Shex's new mod.

Yes, that's all for almost a month's worth. Back to your regular schedule!

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