Keep Update 09/16/2008

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Keep Update 09/16/2008

Post by onyx » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:19 am

Welcome to another Phrozen Keep update, featuring not one, but two mod releases, and more. This has to be the richest update we've had in months, so as one famous character once said - stay a while and listen:

Finally, I have released a new patch for Back to Hellfire :) The new version is 1.02 and fixes most critical bugs from the previous releases, along with many other small and not-that-small tweaks. Here is a part of the the changelog of the patch:
  • Fixed the bug that made the game crash after a Blood Wizard has died (thanks to Havvoric)
  • Town Portals cannot be opened in town anymore (thanks to Havvoric)
  • Fixed that bug that required you to go to Hell Level 1 before killing Diablo in order to complete the difficulty (thanks to Havvoric)
  • Globally increased monster HP, damage, resistances on Nightmare
  • Added a waypoint in Caves Level 4 and removed the Cathedral waypoint
  • Added different ambient lighting on levels
  • Burning crosses will now glow and damage nearby players
The full changelog is a lot longer and can be found in this thread. You can download Back to Hellfire v1.02 from here (don't forget that you need to have v1.00 installed in order to patch to the latest version, refer to the official BTH forum for more information).

The second new release this week is Legend about Nine Demons v1.6 by SheX, where you get to play as a monster (called demonic form) for a change. You can read the list of changes since v1.5 here, but here are some highlights:
  • Demonic form can be disabled and enabled
  • Demonic form for amazon and paladin
  • New tile sets for Arcane Sanctuary
  • New location in A1(replaces crypt)
  • 1 uber boss in A1(replaces bonebreaker)

Now that we're done with other people's mods, here is something you can use in your own mod ;) Forum user cla$$ics released a portal plugin that (surprise!) changes the appearance of the Town Portal. If you need a breath of fresh air from those painfully-familiar portals, grab the plugin from here.

:zap: HOW DO I...?
We've been talking about mods and plugins, but there are people who might be alien to the subject. There's something in this week's update for you too! Forum user Shuffles wrote a nice tutorial titled Creating Inventory Graphics using Adobe ImageReady. If you ever wondered how the hell we're creating these things, well, here's how! ;)

Some of you might remember the good old Dark Alliance website that was taken down when Diabolic Studios was formed. Since Diabolic Studios is no longer operational, Kingpin reworked and relaunched the original site for his mod. Click here to visit your source for all Dark Alliance information.

And since all that isn't enough, I'll add a screenshot of the week into the mix. It had to be from one of the two mod releases, but since last week the screenshot was from SheX, this time it's Back to Hellfire ;) The screenshot shows my concept for a new sidequest that didn't make it into the new v1.02 release. Perhaps in v1.03? We'll see.

You made it to the end, congratulations! :D
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