Keep Update 05/23/2009

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Keep Update 05/23/2009

Post by onyx » Sat May 23, 2009 7:05 am

Here we go again! :) Hello everyone, hope you enjoy this new update on the Phrozen Keep. There are some exciting news to keep you interested, so read on:

We have not one, not two, but three new mod releases to brag with ;)

First things first, a new patch for the Dark Alliance preview version has been released. The version number is (tricky, eh?) and here is a small part of the features list:
  • New global treasure class system implemented for monsters
  • Implemented a new spellscroll rank system
  • Implemented code for save states between games
  • Improved the legend system in several ways
  • New Death Penalty implemented: -25% Experience Gain for next 5 minutes
The list goes on and on and there is no way I can post the full thing in the update. For the whole giant changelog, click here. And if you want to go straight to the download, so be it.

Next on the list is TrueMage with his Battle for Elements project. He released a new milestone version with lots of exciting new features:
  • All monsters and areas were extensively rebalanced
  • 24 new monsters (7 unique)
  • 21 new locations (by Cubaholic)
  • New modifiers for runes
  • Recipes for enabling/disabling death counter on your Talisman
Again, it's a giant changelog that you can review here. The new Battle for Elements v1.50 is a standalone install and due to the many changes, characters from previous versions of the mod won't be compatible. Download v1.50 by clicking here.

Since the last time I updated the site, user Scortyl1 released several versions of his Unique Monsters Revenge mod. The latest version is v5.2. Here is the features list:
  • added new plugy 9.00 in order to play with diablo 2 in version 1.12
  • reduced some monsters hp (in nightmare and hell) ubers world unchanged
  • all champions , uniques and minions gain +15 % to hit chance (normal,nightmare,hell)
  • changed "hp multiply" on superuniques for spectral hit ability
Grab the donwload directly from here.

Wait, what? The features list of Unique Monsters Revenge v5.2 lists PlugY 9.00? Must be some sort of a mistake? Not really :) Yohann has just released a new version of PlugY, and it's compatible with v1.12! There is no need of further explanations - we all know what PlugY does, download it right now (and go praise Yohann in this thread)!

This concludes the update of the site for this... month (or two). See you in a while! :)
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