Keep Update 11/21/2009

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Keep Update 11/21/2009

Post by kingpin » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:29 am

A new mod is born: Sanctuary 2000 (for 1.12 patch)
Volf have an interesting project in work that takes diablo into modern era 2000 years after the event in diablo II. As usual when it comes to volf he uses customized maps. This time in modern environment. It looks really good so far. You will also use modern weapons like guns.

Visit the site for more info or check out the movie he released.

D2 Scrabble (for 1.12 patch)
Volf is active, he released a new mod called D2 Scrabble. The mod ads letter items that allow you to form words in the horadric cube - Press transmute and the words become reality.

Visit the site for more info or check out the movie he released.

Download the mod here.

Sanctus 0.36a (for 1.11b)
A new update is released for Sanctus mod. In this update you will find updated interface/gui, improved mercs, updated craftrecipes, bug fixes and many more thing's. Read the patch notes for more info.

Visit site or download the mod here.

Diablo II: patch 1.13??
I think most is waiting for the latest diablo II patch alot. It have been long time since "last real patch" was released. Blizzard haven't been generous with patches for us Diablo II players.

Look abit back in history what they given us regarding 1.13:

1.13: March 3, 2009 a Blizzard representant released info about that they had a new patch in work. 1.13 is bringing new content (question is what?).

July 20, 2009 the patch was postponed due to a server crashing issue that was surfaced from latest patch on warcraft 3.

This was confirmed August 5, 2009, that this aswell affected d2: 1.13 patch. The patch was on hold until Warcraft III issue was solved.

September 2, 2009 a Blizzard employe hinted about patch go out on their public test server soon.

September 30, 2009 the community was then informed that the patch may have restraints due to the new content being included (increased stash size), apparently age old servers couldn't handle the updated content and would stress the servers too much.

October 14, 2009 Blizzard state they still haven't decided what to put into this content patch (remember they told it was about to go onto public test server before?).

November 18, 2009 You expect a release now? the latest news is that they removed the number #1 anticipated feature from 1.13 and that's increased stash. It was removed from the patch because their hardware's can't handle it. I know it may sound strange for us modders that they can't handle this. But, they using different technology than we do in sp / lan play. Apparently it put restrictions into what they can do and we all know Starcraft 2 is waiting around corner. So right now Diablo have to step back for Warcraft III. Blizzard have wrote to keep an eye out for the patch to release on public test server in a few weeks (don't expect that however).


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