Keep Update 12/10/2009

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Keep Update 12/10/2009

Post by onyx » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:44 pm

Hello and welcome to another Phrozen Keep update.

:letitallout: FACELIFT
A new patch for the long-running Battle for Elements mod has been released by TrueMage. The new version goes by the number of 1.51 and here's a brief list of some of the new features:
  • 4 new stacking recipe items for rings and shields.
  • Blood of Prime Evils was added as well as few cube recipes.
  • Short storyline for 9 unique weapons.
  • Monastery Gate location was rebuilt (Cubaholic).
  • Plane of Water location was rebuilt (Cubaholic).
  • Bishibosh was reworked (Cubaholic).
  • Dark Elder environment was reworked (Cubaholic).
  • New conception of Legendary Items drop. Now you can't get it neither from gambling nor from cube recipes, but you can get it from drop.
  • One new skill (on set item): Plague Axe.
  • Shaman' Tricks set has been remade.
  • Now all class skills regrouped to 6 skillbars instead of 3.
Moreover, the new patch is followed by new contests - see how you can participate in this thread. You can grab the new Battle for Elements v1.51 from here. Note that you need the base 1.50 installed before you upgrade to 1.51.

:loop: POST IT!
A nice new featre courtesy of Volf and Diablo3plaza that has been long needed - a tool for posting lines from your tab-delimited .txt files, while keeping the formatting. Need help with a feature you're failing to make work, or you want to showcase how exactly you did something? The Online Spreadheet Tool is the place to go. Note that the feature is hosted on Diablo3plaza, and not here on the Phrozen Keep, so I cannot guarantee its reliability.

A new poll has been long overdue - you may have noticed that I don't have as much time for the site as before. Anyway, here it is now. Today I ask you - which Diablo 3 character class from the ones revealed by Blizzard is your favorite and why? Which is the one you're going to select first when the game is released? Vote and share your opinion in this poll. Note that guest voting is allowed - you don't have to be a registered user to vote.

The new screenshot of the week (okay, not week, screenshot of the last several months) has been recently posted in our public gallery by user mirecek. It shows a poor Druid, who has his spaceship stuck on a rainy planet. Almost looks like Luke Skywalker in the search for Master Yoda, doesn't it?

This concludes the update of the site, here's hoping for many more to come! :)
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Re: Keep Update 12/10/2009

Post by Hans » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:02 am

Onyx looks like you should have waited about a day for update since patch 1.13 is now available in the Beta Realm.
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Re: Keep Update 12/10/2009

Post by kingpin » Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:05 pm

Hans" wrote:Onyx looks like you should have waited about a day for update since patch 1.13 is now available in the Beta Realm.
That give us a chance post another news :)

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Re: Keep Update 12/10/2009

Post by cla$$ics » Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:23 am

There's loads of news for the next time around, including patch 1.13, PowerDiablo and Doom Shadows mod.
Although done for our needs, mod-makers should like these changes, too.
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