Keep Update 01/04/2010

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Keep Update 01/04/2010

Post by onyx » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:02 am

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! :) Here comes the first update of the Phrozen Keep for 2010 and we bring some exciting news:

:puppydogeyes: FILE PLANET NO MORE
Everyone who has been on this site for more than a month knows very well about our repeating problems with File Planet and the way it served our downloads. Well, this has changed. File Planet decided to remove our files from their servers without prior notice, so we were forced to move them to a new host. All our downloads, including those of the resource files, are now hosted on Huge Laser. I'd like to thank Volf for the assistance with the move of the files, as well as Alex "Raptor" Dobie, who provided the webspace needed. This fully ends our relations to Gamespy/IGN and no component of the Phrozen Keep is currently hosted on their servers. Volf's File Center has been reworked, so it points to the new locations of the files on Huge Laser and as far as I can tell, the downloading goes smoothly. In addition, the History of the Site article has been updated to feature this (big) event in the site history.

The new year brings a new mod release. Russian modmaker andsimo released Oblivion Knights v1.13. Don't get confused by the version number - the mod only work on D2 LoD v1.10. Here's a brief list of some of the mod features:
  • Any monsters drop only unique and rarity items, and a little magic items
  • Increased unique boss monsters quantity
  • Act bosses and quest sub-bosses may be found in the variety locations and in the different acts
  • Characters start game with Horadric Cube
  • Characters use giant inventory and stash
  • All hirelings use full equip
You can download the mod from here. Andsimo also provided two YouTube videos to showcase the features of the mod, check them out here and here.

:scratch: TUNES
Andsimo has been busy lately, as he also provided us with a music patch to replace the tunes from the original game. The music in the patch is taken from a french team called Space. The album name is "Magic Flight", released in 1977. Also, some tracks from Final Fantasy VII are included. Download the music patch from here.

:typing: ABOUT TIME
The v1.13 patch beta has been live on the realms for a while now and people have already began modding it, so they certainly needed a datafile to include the newly added files in the .mpq. Volf included the new filenames in the old datafile and here it is - the v1.13 beta datafile. Now you can finally extract that Token of Absolution image! :)

Diablo 2 modmaking has been going on for many years now, but no one ever managed to complete a future/urban themed mod. It appears Volf has taken the task seriously this time with an ambitious project called Sanctuary 2000. The story takes place 2000 years after the Three were defeated and the world has changed a lot. Here's an early preview screenshot of what's to come in this project. Definitely worth to be included in our Screenshot of the Week gallery, isn't it? ;)

That's all for now. My best wishes to all the Phrozen Keep users and their loved ones in the new year! :mrgreengift:
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