Keep Update 03/26/2010

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Keep Update 03/26/2010

Post by onyx » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:09 am

Hello people :) We have quite a large update to present this time. Lots of new stuff was released recently, both from Blizzard and from modmakers, so read on:

It's a tradition to begin the update with the new mod releases. Volf's mod D2: Scrabble has reached the public beta of version 5. You can download the release and read more about it here. Don't forget it's a beta, so your feedback is needed. You can see where you can submit your impressions on the same page.

:mrgreenking: MY PRECIOUS
Another new release by Volf - a small and simple drop mod for v1.13. You'll get showered by sets and uniques on Nightmare and Hell, and all runes have an equal chance to drop - simple, but effective. Grab the mod from here.

Now, on to an official release from Blizzard. Patch v1.13c is now released. The patch doesn't have many changes from v1.13b, but still, some more balancing (or unbalancing, depending on the point of view) was done. You can read the patch notes here and download the new patch from here.

Speaking of Blizzard releases, they have finally revealed the 3D model of the female Witch Doctor, so now all 4 classes have both their male and female version. You can see the better half of the Witch Doctor here. She might even be pretty under all the decorations and paint ;)

We also have a new release on the tools front. WinMPQ v1.66 was released by ShadowFlare and we somehow missed that for several months. Anyway, it's there now, so grab it from the official site. It's going to be mirrored here too at some point, but now right now, due to ahem, technical difficulties :)

Next item is again provided by Volf - does he ever sleep? He started a list of Hamachi networks over at D3Plaza, so he can gather together players who want to play their favorite game or mod. More information on the rules of the network is available here, and the list itself is found here. Note: the features requires that you are registered on D3Plaza.

A news item also comes from our affiliates at DiabloFans. During the last month or so, they did series of interviews with modmakers and published them on their website. I was proud to be one of the participants in the interviews. Besides myself, they have interviewed TrueMage, Brother Laz and Diablo 1 modmaker Mordor. Here's the full list of the articles (in order of appearance):
Mordor on The Hell mod
Onyx on Back to Hellfire
Brother Laz on MedianXL
TrueMage on Battle for Elements

:scratchhead: TELL US WHAT YOU THINK
It has been a while since I've changed the so-called monthly poll of the Phrozen Keep. Last time I asked you which of the revealed classes in Diablo 3 you like best. The Monk seems to be the favorite, but the Wizard was very close in the second place. The least favorite character seems to be the Barbarian. This poll is history now. Today I ask you - which type of Diablo 2 mod do you like best? Is it the total conversion, to the point where it's not Diablo 2 anymore? Is it the balance mod that keeps the content of the original game intact? Is it the one that adds many and many new features on top of the original ones? Or is it the drop mod where you can't see the ground from the piles of items? Vote now! :)

The screenshot of the "week" hasn't changed recently either. So this time I'm finally going to bring you a new one. This time, the screenshot comes from Diablo 3 and shows the new, very different look of the Skeleton Mages, compared to the ones in Diablo 2. Check them out here!

Whew, that was long. See you next time :)
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