Happy Birthday Phrozen Keep!

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Happy Birthday Phrozen Keep!

Post by onyx » Mon May 31, 2010 9:16 pm

The Phrozen Keep turns 10!
That's right :) While the exact birthday of the site is unknown, it was created in June 2000. I wish the site creator Phrozen Heart was around to share an interesting story about the Phrozen Keep baby steps, but I wasn't able to contact him at this time. You can still check the History of the Phrozen Keep article and read about the initial years of existence of what later became a great community ;) More than 400000 posts in the forums, over 28000 registered users, 10GB of downloads and more than 400 articles in the Knowledge Base - that's what the Phrozen Keep is today.

I know I've missed some news in the past 2 months, be it because of lack of time or lack of enough news items to form an update. I appologize for that. Most notably, SheX - Lost Mage announced and released two new mods - E=mc2 and The Black Parade. Also, Evilpanda updated her Doom Shadows mod to v0.06 recently. I'm really sorry your projects didn't make it in the news and I promise to try to announce new releases on time in the future. Only time will tell whether I can manage that.

So, what's new on the site?

First, the site theme has been slightly altered, giving it a retro look that somewhat resembles the longest running and most known version of the Phrozen Keep from the past. I hope you enjoy it! :) This version of the site was created by spin in 2004 and kept running for 5 years, until the site was completely rebuilt in 2009. It was the first incarnation of the Phrozen Keep that integrated everything - site, forums, downloads, articles - in one platform, a format that we keep using today. Before that, the site and the forums were separate and even hosted on different hosts at times. So hats off for spin - while he's not active today, he has done an amazing job in the site development through the years :)

A new navigation menu has been added to the front page, hopefully making it easier for everyone to navigate to the places they want. It's not a big deal, but I've had this idea for a while now and what better motivation than the site's birthday to finally make it? ;)

Something that has been long due - a set of 20 Diablo 3 avatars has been added to the local gallery. You can select them from your User Control Panel.

And what's a birthday celebration without a look back in the past? I have contacted several important individuals from the site history, who aren't as active as they used to be, and asked them several questions. I called the article The Ancients Speak. See what the people who kept the site going in the past have to say on the Phrozen Keep's 10th birthday.

Fellow administrator Volf also celebrates the site birthday in his own way - he decided to reveal one of the big secrets of the Phrozen Keep - namely who's running the show behind the scenes. Check out the basic site rules, explained by the big boss himself ;)

Thank you all who are here to share this moment with me :) And keep on modding and playing! Diablo 2 might be more than a decade old, but it won't be forgotten as long as this place exists :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Phrozen Keep!

Post by Keeshi » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:41 pm

Happy B-day Phrozen Keep!
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Re: Happy Birthday Phrozen Keep!

Post by the_bogan » Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:25 am

Here's hoping for ten more years! Cheers all!

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Re: Happy Birthday Phrozen Keep!

Post by D2 MOD player » Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:23 pm

I'd like to personally thank you for maintaining this site. Especially since I've taken away some of your precious and rare time myself. ;) May Phrozen Keep live another 10 years!

Thanks for the updates, will have to check some of that stuff out.

Funny how 10 GB seems like alot of downloads. :) I guess it was 50KB at a time.

By the way. I really love that new menu you have. Very beautiful art mixed with animated slides. :)


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