Keep Update 06/27/2011

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Keep Update 06/27/2011

Post by onyx » Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:19 am

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. ~Mark Twain

Former senior administrator of the Phrozen Keep Myhrginoc liked to use this quote and I'm borrowing it now, because it describes best the current state of things here. The site might seem dormant with no updates posted on the main page for long periods of time, but rest assured - a lot is going on in the forums. The community is alive, people are still making mods and tools and new users are registering every day. So join the Phrozen Keep and learn how to make your first mod already! :)

Now, on to the actual news:

User Seltsamuel provided us with a good way to manage all our installed mods and Diablo 2 versions. I present to you D2SE - a version-independent mod manager program which allows you to switch quickly between your mods and closed Bnet without having to manually copy and backup files. And you can play any mod you like regardless of the version of D2 LoD you have. All you have to do is follow the instructions here and install the program, then add any mod you want. You'll find the main download, as well as a number of mods in the new category we've opened in our File Center. Note that additional mods are going to continue to be added, so make sure you visit often! :)

:samurai: SLICE'N'DICE
A new and relatively simple mod was submitted to us by GalaXyHaXz. It's called SLASH (Semi-Legit And Semi-Hack) and it works on v1.13c. Don't be confused by the word 'hack' - there is nothing to be considered a hack in the mod, and only GalaXyHaXz knows why he decided to name it this. You can download the mod here and post feedback in this thread.

:rocker: O-MEGA
As usual, Brother Laz means business. After numerous versions and patches of Median XL, now a new generation of his highly-successful mod was born - Median XL Omega. It's already up to version 002 and features many changes and fixes, as to be expected. Go to the official Median site for more information and download links.

This is all for now, see you next time :)
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