Keep Update Oct 20, 2013

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Keep Update Oct 20, 2013

Post by Volf » Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:55 pm

The first keep update at

I august i posted an announcement stating that hugelaser is shutting down (check the topic here). The site and forums are now hosted by me (volf) and the downloads are hosted by Necrolis.
Being independent has brought up some new possibilities that were not easy to accomplish before due to lack of server access. As an example i have been monitoring the sites performance and tweaked to site for better speed along with allot of search engine optimisation changes, found unused and broken scripts that were adding to the loading times signifigantly. I have also been monitoring 404 errors (page not found) and fixed some pages that have been missing for a long time. As an example the staff page had disappeared completely so a new one was added here (you will also find a staff link to the left in the navigation under forums category.

Dead links

A side effect of the move has been a drop in pagerank and traffic as allot of incoming links are still pointing to We now ask webmasters and link partners to update any links to point to the new url. The format of all links is still the same, you only need to change replace to or in links. If
you have made posts containing links to the phrozen keep on other forums you would be doing us a favor by editing the links to.

Diablo 2 mod updates

Xaphan has released an update (1.06) for hes Le Royaume des Ombres 1.06mod, the mod can be played in both French and English.
Some of the mods features are a new resolution 1024x768 or 1200x768, 7 new character classes with new skills (se the screenshot to the left), a completely new world to explore. For a detailed list of new changes and features visit this thread or download the update directly by clicking this link


kambala has released a cross-platform MPQ language changer, find out more about it in this thread

Code Editing Wiki

JDS has setup a Code Editing Wiki site named Phrozen Library. If code editing is your thing then please consider contributing. For more information read this thread

Maps and units

Eimernase has created a couple of unit packs and some new map tiles to share with the community, yopu can grab them here

Thats it for now

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