Keep Update Aug 12, 2014

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Keep Update Aug 12, 2014

Post by Volf » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:25 pm

Le Royaume des Ombres

Xaphan released once again a new update to his mod (2.04). The update include a new specialities system, many adjustements to the difficulty as well as news features such as enchantables items, new gold system and much more. For a detailed list of mod changes and features visit this thread, and check this one for all updates changelogs. You can download the mod at this link and the lastest update directly by clicking this one.

New World of Warcraft Resource Packs by Ominous

All the icons and UI from are available from this thread, along with those, Ominous is also converting monsters from WoW to DCC for use in D2. He is currently taking requests for what people want to see converted next.


The Runeword Browser for Zy-El Mod Version 4.4C.
This is a major update to ZERB (originally created by Malakat) from Clersius. With the additional filters it provides, you can search for just about anything you want to. Plus...ALL the 600+ runewords have been populated in the program!!!

Additional filters:

‘;’ - Stat Type Search (includes class skill search functionality)
‘:’ - Partial Stat Code search (useful if you want to find a specific attribute e.g. bocl)
‘!’ - CtC <skill>
‘@’ - Charged Skills (want to find how many runewords have Blood Golem Charges?)

Please take a look at this short video I put together to show the new features in action.

You can download this new version from the Wiki links page here. Scroll down to the heading for Miscellaneous Links and you will find it under there.

Many thanks Clersius for all your hard work.

This update was crafted by Xaphan, Necrolis and Al-T

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Re: Keep Update Aug 12, 2014

Post by bvr » Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:18 am

Nice to see this place is still alive!

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