Keep Update Mar 3, 2018

Please use this forum for providing feedback on the Phrozen Keep's main page / news portal updates.
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Keep Update Mar 3, 2018

Post by Necrolis » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:40 am

Its that Time Again

Welcome to another round up of news from the Keep! This round up was a little bit more delayed than we'd like, but will become more regular as all the new site features are rolled out. As always we encourage out users to submit their own work for the news: from mod updates, to tutorials, to screenshots and videos.

Site Updates and Fixes

Volf has been working round-the-clock to improve and fix issues with the site, you can read more about the daily updates here, one of the biggest for users is that the site is now running with HTTPS, making the keep more future friendly (especially for Chrome users). Users may have noticed a lot of old posts showing up as recently posted, this is because Volf has been working tirelessly to update and fix any old an broken links or BBCode, which you can read more about here. If you do find broken links, please let us know! Volf has some more awesome features in store, just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled.

Member News Forum Open

Posts in the Member News forum no longer require admin approval and comments have been enabled for all users. For those who missed it, the Member News forum is a new forum for members to post news that will be displayed on the main page / news portal right next the the official keep updates, any news relating to Diablo 2 Mod Making including mod and patch releases, with similar related subjects.

Phrozen Keep Goes Social

As some might already know we have a YouTube channel, the channel is maintained by Volf and is used to explain site features, along with some quick mod videos. All our videos can also be watched here on the site in our video gallery.
In addition to a YouTube channel we also now have a Facebook page, check it out here. The main purpose for creating an Facebook page was so that we can keep the community informed in case the site is down. However the channel also pulls information from our news atom feed and occasionally there might be some manually written updates. The channel and page give users another way of staying in touch with Diablo II modding.

Modding News

SpiKe. has released a beta update for Reign of Shadow, read more about the changes and download the update here, keep your eyes peeled for the full release.

k0r3l1k has released the first alpha of his mod, Project Kalavic, you can read more about it here

kingpin has release another set of updates for Dark Alliance, you can read the change log and grab the latest update here. Ogodei has also revealed some spoilers what you can expect in future patches.

jetaman has created one the most comprehensive articles to date on DT1 tiles, you can read more about his amazing discoveries here.

jetaman has along with his DT1 discoveries released a new pack of cliffs from act 1, which you can download here.

jetaman has also released an Item Pack from Golden Land 2, and Item Pack from ToEE & Kult and Cliffs Tileset.

cla$$ics has released an pack of graphics and sounds from Diablo II Beta that weren't in the final release, read more about his efforts and download the files here. If you have any interesting links, files or screenshots from the Dibalo II Alpha and Beta's, we'd like to see you post it!

Mo'Money Mo'Badges

Those with a keen eye may have noticed that we have added quite a few new user groupings, along with some wicked flairs for those groups. This is especially helpful for mod beta testing; if you would like to get your own mod (beta) flair setup, get in touch with one of the admins. We have also added some new badges for our members, many of these are aimed at rewarding those that contribute to the community, either via tools, tutorials or just quality content. You can check out the current list of badges here.

The Modders Showcase

All the screenshots this time come from members of our official Discord. You can view the album here. k0r3l1k also uploaded a few videos showcasing his new skills, which you can watch here. Nizari has also been busy bringing D3's treasure goblins to D2, which you can watch here.

If you have screenshots or videos you'd like to see featured, send them to one of the admins either via PM or on Discord. In future The Modders Showcase will become available for anyone to upload their work to (with approval).

Diablo II News

Blizzard has recently been putting a lot of effort into cleaning out all the bots that clog up the Battle.Net servers, for many vanilla players this is a welcome change. Hopefully these changes are also in preparation for the release of something bigger, combined with many new job listings from Blizzard, many of which have been filled, could it be Diablo II:HD, Diablo 4 or both? You tell us! If you are interested in the recent job listings, have a look at Rhykker's video on them here.

David Brevik recently did an interview with IGN, where he discussed his career, this includes a lot of stories about the development on Diablo and Diablo II; you can watch the video on IGN's YouTube channel.

Continuing with our theme of hidden secrets and long forgotten things, check out this video from Xtimus on 30 Things You Didn't Know About Diablo 2!.

If you are a fan of speed runs, or vanilla Diablo II, check out McLlamaSC on Twitch or his YouTube channel for some quality content, such as his Diablo II speedrun tutorials which can be viewed here or his more current Sorceress torch farming runs.

Diablo III News

Season 12 has to a close, which can read about here, but fear not, Season 13 is hot on its heels, which you can read about here. Rhykker has two builds to get you started for Season 13, which released Feb 23, they are the his Crusader Akkhan Condemn build and his Necromancer Pestilence build. Diablo III has also been hit by yet another GR exploit, this time involving swapping out items, you can hear more about it from Rhykker's explanation.

Here'ye Here'ye

We are still on the look out for mod reviews, interviews or a even mod showcase from the creators themselves! Be it written or video, we want to hear from our community on their favorite mods. If you have something you'd like to submit, as usual you can contact one of the admins, or post in the new Member News forums.

Members who would also like to host forums or a site for their mods with us are encouraged to get in touch with the Admin Team, no matter how big or small the mod.

Thats all for this news round-up, we'll be back with more soon! Enjoy more Diablo Lore from Rhykker: The Return of The Nephalem: Revenge of The Edyrem.
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