Keep Update 4 Jan, 2019

Please use this forum for providing feedback on the Phrozen Keep's main page / news portal updates.
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Keep Update 4 Jan, 2019

Post by Necrolis » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:00 pm

Happy New Year!
Its new year for those following the Gregorian calendar, and to start it off, we have a bevy of news, mod releases, modding goodies and interesting sights to cheer you up from the post-party blues! So grab your shovels, and lets get digging...

Community News
Phrozen Keep Discord
The Phrozen Keep Discord, hosted by HarvestWombs has been growing from strength to strength. We have almost 200 members, and have recently added new features such a voice channel and the Horadric Casino. Discord is one of the best ways to interact with the community, show your mod, or ask for help.
Join the Phrozen Keep Discord now!

Site Updates
We are always looking for ways to improve the Phrozen Keep to better serve the community, as such, we have appointed three new Senior Moderators: HarvestWombs, Nizari & Ogodei. They have already been hard at work cleaning the forums from spam and updating various bits of the site.
Our new Moderators have spent quite a bit of time cleaning up our file guides and tutorials in the Knowledge Base. If you find any articles that are either improperly formatted, missing content, incorrect or down-right broken, please report it to them. Additionally, if you find any broken links in the file center, please report them to any of the Admins or Moderators.
We also encourage users to write and submit new articles for the Knowledge Base, doing so will earn you some cool flair to show off!

If you have a mod or community that you would like to have hosted in our forums, please contact one of the Admins or Senior Mods. If you have any feedback on how we can better improve the site, or just some suggestions on content you'd like to see, let us know!

From seemingly out of nowhere Devilution was released; this project is an almost completely reverse-engineered Diablo I, and is set to be complete in the next few months. If you have ever wondered what the insides of the 1996 classic look like, had an inkling to creating your own modded version of the game, or just want to tinker, head on over to the GitHub repository and grab a copy of the code! You might even want to stay a while and help fix remaining issues.

Community Streamers
Here at the Keep, we want to encourage those that create content for the community, so in this edition of the news, we are focusing on members of the Diablo I and Diablo II modding communities that stream Diablo content: The Archive
Here at the Phrozen Keep, we have focused our efforts on the English mods and modding community; however there are many non-English mods and modders out there. There are also a lot of mods and modders that haven't released their mods on the Phrozen Keep, which means many of our members don't even know they exist. As such, we are starting a new initiative called "The Archive". The goal of the Archive is to provide a simple listing of every mod that is available, categorized by version. The Archive aims to provide a convenient download link, forum and website link for each mod, allowing users to easily discover new, fun mods to enjoy. We have also decided to expand it to cover Diablo I & Diablo II projects.

So if you have a mod that you would like added to our archive, please contact one of the Admins or Senior Mods, and we will add it to the initial Archive release.

Mod News
  • The Dark Alliance team released a new patch, grab it from this thread.
  • Ascended1962 release an update for his mod, Diablo II: Patch 3.0.
  • FearedBliss has updated his version changer, Cactus.
  • FearedBliss has also found time to update his mod, Succulent.
  • XiresNar released the first version of the Gold Digger mod, get it now.
  • Kaladann has updated his Casual Nostalgia mod, read more about it here.
  • devurandom has been very busy releasing mutiple updates for BaseMod, check them out.
  • aeon2927 released Glory of Nephilim, give it a try!
  • k0r3l1k has released his new mod, Normal; give it a go here.
  • Fawahar has updated Storm Rust, you can grab it here.
  • FlowerDance has released the first version of the Content Update Mod, read more about it here.
  • Kong's Mod has recieved both new updates and a new site, check it out!
  • Darkquake released his Grail mod, which you can check out here.
  • Path of Diablo will have a new patch on the 18th of Jan, read the news here.
  • Necrolis has released a teaser and updates for D2GFEx, read all about it in this thread.
  • The Median XL team recently released a trailer for their up coming release, Median XL: Sigma; Due on the 18th of Jan
Term of Service Updates
We have recently updated the Terms of Service to better reflect the current state of the community, we have also take steps to make it clearer and more concise (and thus easier to understand). Read the updated Terms of Service here.

Modding News
We have some new tools coming up, as well as some updates to existing tools:
  • kambala has updated QTBLEditor, read more here.
  • jetaman has a new DT1 Maker in the works, give him your input in this thread.
  • Lectem has released an Uber listfile containing the last of the unknowns in every Diablo II related MPQ ever made, grab a copy now!
Many of your users have been hard at work releasing new resourcing for the modding community as well as updating existing some existing plugins:
  • SheX - Lost Mage has released his Recolored Act 2 Tileset, Grab it while its hot!
  • jetaman has released a working version of the Guild tileset, a relic of Diablo II Alpha, you can get it here.
  • MagicMatze has shared his Diablo III style item color beams as a plugin, download it here, or read more about it here.
  • Ogodei has updated his Diablo I Monsters Pack & Items Pack.
  • Ogodei also released an Autumnal themed Act 1 tileset, which can be downloaded here.
Ogodei has also been working overtime to provide more ways to enhance your monster AI's, gotta catch 'em all: Showcase If you would like to have your work showcased in the Keep News, please contact a staff member on the Forums or on Discord.
Thats all for this edition of the Keep News, we look forward to providing even more awesome Diablo mods and news in the months to come.
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