Keep Update 12 Oct, 2019

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Keep Update 12 Oct, 2019

Post by kingpin » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:22 pm


Buy the game and support the continue developement here

A new patch is released to It Lurks Below. Game created by diablo creator David Brevik.

Patch notes for v1.01a

Welcome to the Badlands!

- There is a new region of the world called Badlands. Once you kill the Prince of Annihilation, you will get a quest to start your journey to the Badlands. Travel to the Badlands and help save our Ogre friends from the demon onslaught!
- You now have a choice of race when creating a character. You can choose Ogre or Human. Each race has some advantages.
- A new building, Town Hall, has been added. This is unlocked after you kill The Tentacle of It. Once built, you can talk to the mayor and mark this town as the account-wide town. All other newly created characters and existing characters can start or transfer to the town.
- There is a new upgrade for the bank sold at the General store. If you have an account-shared-town, you can buy the upgrade and create a shared vault. These inventory locations are account wide. You can transfer items between characters using this shared vault.
- Some items have become bound to your character, meaning they can't be placed in the shared vault.
- Most items have a level requirement now
- At character experience levels 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100, you get a key to unlock one bound item on your character. This allows you to unlock your character's Ancient items (skills) and place them in the shared vault. This allows you to multi-class.
- You can now Enchant your items. Many items (armor, weapons) can be enchanted up to 4 times. Mine Gems out of the Highlands area (original zones) to create randomly affixed enchanting books and apply them to items.
- There are many new unique items, scrolls, mushrooms and rings
- In the Badlands, you can dig up Quartz. Use this quartz to purchase new Runeword recipes from the Badlands vendor near the portal. Higher difficulties scale the amount of quartz you get when you dig it up.
- Dexterity is a new stat for melee players, replacing Grit.
- Intelligence and Dexterity now add to damage and Attack Power has been reduced. The total is greater than before.
- Speed is now uncapped and has diminishing returns. You can go about 3.5x faster than before.
- The altar now has 8 slots instead of 4 to allow for more complicated recipes.
- I rebalanced all the sound in the game. Try resetting all your sound bars to get a better experience.
- Beehives, Chickens and Cows no longer drop their items on the ground. Instead, they have an indicator above their head if they have an item to give to you. They can hold up to 3.
- There are many new monster types in the Badlands and a few changes to the Highland monsters and AI.
- The game now has an OpenGL version, that I plan on releasing soon.
- I have temporarily turned off Steam Cloud Sync to get more testing. It will be back in a few days.
- I tend to patch a lot following a major update. Nearly every day. I will be adding Class Weapon Runewords, a few other unique items and a Halloween event over the next few days.
- Many other changes and bug fixes

You always find the latest bugfixes in here. A number of smaller bugfix patches have been released since the update.

New forum sections opened up for Diablo 1
We have created new forum sections to support diablo 1 modding and mods.

Diablo I Chatter
Diablo I Modding

Diablo 1 mods/tools:

EQUINE 0.8.1 by Sergi4UA: This is a modmanager for diablo 1 where you can easy play mods it supports and also update the mods within the tool. Download it from here. EQUINE 1.0 is in the work.

Infernity by Qndel is a diablo 1 mod. You can download it from here. There is also a infernity 2 in work.

Devilution is a project founded by GalaXyHaXz where diablo 1 code is reversed in exact way its coded. He have had help on his discord by several coders on the project. You can find it here

Tchenobog is a team mod project for diablo 1 by Noktis, Qndel, Sergi4UA, Ogodei, BrightLord You can find it here

belzebub by BrightLord and Noktis. You find it here

Diablo 2 mod releases 2019
We havent been updating the news for long time. So, we are collecting all new mod releases for this year in the news.

The Reckoning by dreameaterx. You can find it here

Diablo 2 - Patch 3.8 Final - Void Dungeons (Update 5) by Ascended1962. You can find it here

DarkAlliance patch by Kingpin, Ogodei. You find it here. You need to have Dark Alliance patch installed. You find it here

Diablo 2 LoD 1.13c Content Update Mod by Zekken. You can find it here

The Puppeteer update by dreameaterx. You can find it here

Kong's Mod 0.94 beta by Kong. You can find it here

Collection of Isometric Maps by Jini Draconis. You can find it here

DT1 Video Tutorial by Jetaman. You can find it here

Classic+ UI by HarvestWombs. You can find it here

Succulent 4.1.0 (1.09b Version) is now included with Cactus! by fearedbliss. You can find it here

Alpaca 3.2.0 by fearedbliss. You can find it here

SkillDesc Visualizer by HarvestWombs. You can find it here

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