Keep Update 03 Nov, 2019

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Keep Update 03 Nov, 2019

Post by kingpin » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:41 am

As Blizzard fans it's exciting weekend with Blizzcon running. The opening ceremony was very strong. The best Blizzcon opening in my eyes. Before we get into Blizzcon news we will start with other news.

It Lurks Below News:
Buy the game and support the continue developement here


Since the free badland content update it lurks below have got several patches released, you can see patchlog here

There is an ongoing halloween event running currently. that will last for a few weeks. For limited of time you can get your halloween diablo 2 costume, with the plumpkin pet, next to the jack o' lantern.


Diablo 2 News:

D1 Tristram in D2 Style Map by leekun. You can find it here

D2 Oil Paint Filtered + Sharpening Tiles by leekun. You can find it here

New Mod releases
The Sh*tfest Mod by Lady Isabelle. You can find it here

Paradox Mod announce by Lady Isabelle and Ogodei. This is a new mod in work, that also have got its own forum here at keep, you find the forum here.

here is a first demo from the mod that shows a brand new runeword ability check it out here.

We have also got some exclusive screenshots for the news:


Then will it be released? A first alpha version will be coming soon. Keep an eye on news and the mods forum.

Blizzcon News:
There have been 4 reveals in opening ceremony: Diablo 4, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Overwatch 2 and next hearstone expansion decend of dragons.

Diablo 4 - return to darkness announcement reveal:
Announcement trailer can be watch here
Gameplay trailer can be watch here

Lets look into whats been revealed so far:

Heroes of Sanctuary:
there will be five classes at launch, three of the are revealed so far.

Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid.

The World:
There will be five zones available then game ships. The world is an open world where events/world bosses will appear. There wont be any loading screens like in previous games. The amount of dungeons is going to be massive, there will be hundreds of dungeons. Dungeons will be private and not shared with other players not in your party. In the open world there is not a set cap, instead it will be depended on the type of event.

The diablo 2 skilltree will be returning back, together with a talent tree system. This looks very interesting and will allow more customization as many fans asked for.

Skillbooks exist to earn extra skillpoints.

This is very popular return from diablo 2. both runes we know about, and runewords will make an appearance. The runewords is formed by two parts, condition/effect. Runes are either a condition or effect and combined by the two to form a runeword.

Item Qualities:
normal, magic, rare, legendary/set, ancient legendary/set, and mythic. Mythic quality is the most powerful item, and you can only have one equipped at time.

Players will get their hand of horses and be able to customize those. There will exist many type of horses.

Elite affixes will return from diablo 3.
Enhancing affixes are new. This can example make a mob shot multiple shoots instead of a single shoot.
Stagger mechanic. Bosses have a mechanic that ones you fill up a bar, will be able to break down part of the boss, and make him easier for each time you staggered the boss.

Trading is returning and there will be three type of items where two of them will affect trading. First type can always be traded between players, second type will only be able to trade once, after that bound to player. the third type is bound to player, and not tradable.

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