[Release] Two Cottages with Removable roofs (.dt1 and .ds1)

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[Release] Two Cottages with Removable roofs (.dt1 and .ds1)

Post by jetaman » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:29 pm

Hey guys.
Today I am presenting you the further results of my research of DT1. Since 2004 many people were trying to achieve 2 Cottages with separate removable roofs, but no one managed to do it....until today :D

In this release I included a new tileset made from old cottages.dt1 and Act 1 Town map with 2 cottages with separate removable roofs. You can download it and use it as is or copy the cottages and place them in your own map.

Here's the video preview.


What's in the pack?
1. NEW_roof - the tileset
2. roof.ini - the setup file for dt1 tools
3. roof-fs.pcx - the image file for dt1 tools
4. roof-fs.psd - Photoshop project, in case someone wants to edit it.
5. townN1.ds1 - Act 1 Town map with 2 cottages.

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