What's your build and skills?

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What's your build and skills?

Post by ViLLaiN » Wed Aug 11, 2004 4:36 am


I was wondering what chars and builds are being played. Also, what gear you guys wear.

1. Char Name/Race/Level/Build: Tray-yoass/Huntress/level 80/Bow+Traps

2. Skills Used: MAX Frozen Arrow, 10pts split arrow, MAX Arcane trap, MAX Flame Field, MAX Companion Huntress

3. Gear: Vamp Gaze (OG Vanilla favorite) Helmet, Unique Rotwood X-bow (looking to replace), Ibuned STONE Python Scale, Rainbow Fingers Gloves, Ayenzan Set Ring (+7% more exp), Rare Life Leach with +10 resist to all and AR ring, Mahim Oak Curio Amulet. Rare blet with lots resist and Fast hit recover mana and life and 6% Damage reduction.

4. Misc: On weapon Switch, +2 to all set wand (cant remember name)and Unique Shild that turns you into a Wearwolf (+IAS +LIFE). The trick is to transform into a wolf then wepon switching over to your Bow and use the wolf's IAS and life bonus. I also use a Nightmare splitshot Rogue with nice %striking items on her (Delirium helmet, belt with charged air, Armor (fire) with some fireskill on striking. Load her up with lotsa Life Leach. She's fun to watch. :) I also keep some Magic Find Gear handy when about to kill a boss/mini-boss.

Currently doing Act 2 Hell, and looking for a replacement bow/x-bow.

Pardon the spelling and bad memory when nameing items. Coments and advice are welcomed. Keep in mind that this is my First char on this mod.

reply back with some of your guyses builds & variants.


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Re: What's your build and skills?

Post by Xcolibri » Wed Aug 11, 2004 9:42 am

At the moment, I play in a group, which focuses on melee, already for trying out how this works in hell. I just point out the main skills, we are all about lvl 50-55.
Viking with max Blessing of Strength, maxing Ragnarok
Viking with max Blessing of Fortitude, maxing Frenzy / Double Swing
Hero with max Bear Form and max Battle Orders, maxing Warcries
Heroine with max Wolf Form, maxing Fury

Originally, the Heroine should get warcries, too, but since she can only cast them in non-wolf form since the last patch, the hero took this part completely.

We are also in the process of adding a
Witch max Decrepify, max Strenghten Bones, max Good Mojo, some Amplify Damage and Attract Curse.

The group is fun, but sometimes it's hard, even with the stacking damage auras. Mock is the most useful extra skill we use, especially, when the hero player has no time and we have no BO.

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Re: What's your build and skills?

Post by djpyre1 » Wed Aug 11, 2004 12:27 pm

1. Char Name/Race/Level/Build:
OisanAgain/Summoner/98/Serpenteer (Fire/Cold/Aerial)

2. Skills Used:
MAXED: Summon Tisiphone, Summon Aerial Serva, Sturdy Summons, Enraged Summons, Summoner Archetype, Fire Serpent, Cold Serpent, and trying to max Lightning Serps - but not getting far due to pittifull experience gain in all areas of the game (FYI: it'd take about 500 8-player Baalruns to get me to 99 :( - guess I'll never see that Anni in effect)
Tapped TWICE for cheap synergies: Spirit of Lightning, Comet Fall, Fire Wall, Ice Storm, Hurricane, Summon Beast.
I used Molten Boulder at lvl1 as my starter skill (since reaching lvl8 can be a pain). I still keep it as my Leftclick skill since I'd rather knock-back monsters than run up to them and hit 'em with a stick (in case of accidental attacking when I really intended to move).

I let my gear get the levels up on SoG and Coward's Heart, since they have depreciating effects. SoG is actually at its -100% enemy resist cap.

3. Gear:
Ephermal Vison (helm) Virulence on Hellforge Plate (body - crafted to 56% increased life and 185% mana regen) Wand of Decrepify (weapon... since it's ALL skills... I like my nonclass skills :twisted: ) Arachnid Mesh (belt) Virulence on Ward (shield this time) Bone Grinder (booties) Mithril Fingers (gloves) Tiny Gate/Band of Susan Woo (rings) Mara's Kaleidoscope (amulet)
Currently no swap gear... but I may eventually try for a fully Ist'ed shield and some sort of 6-socket (prolly phaseblade) weapon with jewels of MF and reduce reqs.

4. Misc:
Aside from Thorns or Iron Curtaining monsters... Stygian Dingbats are the only monsters that seem to hurt my minions with any consistancy. They're like machinegunners of magic damage, and my Tisiphone usually flies right into it... quite ironic considering she is a Dingbat herself. So everything can fall apart pretty quick when they're around.
My merc is Act 2 (concentration). With him around, my minions can actually hurt things! Nothing phases him too much, after Tisi's life bonus he has about 9k life. And he usually doesn't get into it with monsters before my minions... which is the exact opposite of how things were with my solo Summoner. Dang net latency corrections actually make things work out somehow :o
As for killing things? Just cast whichever serpent the monster isn't immune to and chill out safely away from the bad hurty monsters. I recommend crafting FCR onto your rod/wand so you can have a good number of them out at once (but be wary of the mana cost).

As long as your willing to put the extra time into crafting gear, things can be very simple for all the casters in this mod. The mana regen, % life, and reduce reqs on armor are musts. I personally didn't put a single point into strength until... well... when I hit lvl 98... for laughs mostly. That left me more than a fair share of vita and energy.

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Re: What's your build and skills?

Post by StephenIsHot » Fri Aug 13, 2004 2:06 am

First Character:
lvl 96 witch goes by the name of Black_{filtered}
uses max bonewave, stregnthen bones, summon construct, good mojo, and the bone wave synergies

Painted Plate, champions crest, wand from balrog set for +exp, leprechaun ammulet for mf and gf, witch teleport boots from set, virulence monarch, 24% exp newblust, loa beads ring with +exp, uni troll belt with +10% exp

I'm pretty much geared for exp and magic find right now, because there is very little dueling and its not like I really need Uber high lvl bonewave to kill monsters so with my equipement now its at lvl 41, but I think I am able to get it up to around 59 if needed.

Second character:
lvl 97 hero goes by the name Scary_man
uses max blessed strike, fend, flurry, has max lycan and almost max werebear. Also uses high lvl holy freeze, BO and battle fury or whatever the other warcry is. He also has some synergies with points in them too

Uni slayer brand with lvl 5 conviction aura (very fun), Demon Slayer suit full set, 24% newblust, loa beads ring with +exp, Weight of Mountains Ammulet.

My Merc: I just thought I'd include what my merc has on this character because he is pure ownage. He's a lvl 97 NM act 3 lit merc, so that in itself is really nice. But he uses Painted Plate, Mara's ammulet, wizards war axe with +4 lit skills, the grand crown with +lit skills which gives a total of +6 lit skills, 2 of the magi set rings that give +2 all skills, Arthur's Battle Stride Myridsion Greaves with +2 all skills, Adamantine Gloves with at total of +6 lit skills, and the huntress belt that gives +1 all skills and lit absorb. He can probably take anything that isn't immune to lightning within 30 seconds (including Uber Diablo, and Baal)

I've pretty much moded all of my equipement to some extent on all of my character with stones, but it gonna take to long to write down everything so I'll just leave it at that

oh and I forgot to mention I have a lvl 79 trapper huntress, a lvl 72 summoner, and a lvl 87 magi but none of them are all that good yet.
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Re: What's your build and skills?

Post by djpyre1 » Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:09 pm

To keep things from dying completely...

I've had the chance to try these other builds. (Smilies are my ratings for these)

Spectral-Skellie-Bear :D
- Raise Skeleton geared Werebear using Holy Freeze and Veangance.
- VERY gear and charm dependent.
Melee Bear :-|
- Assisted with some elemental skills.
- Rather repetitive. Workable but it's just a pain to pace the fights. AR problems in Werebear form when using short weapons - like swords - even though it says 95% chance to hit...
- Excaliber + Glow of Glory = Unfair amount of + skills for a fighter that has two skills to boost his life (I'm thinking it's possible to break the 20k mark if everything goes into Vita)

Lightning Fury Wolf :cool:
- Great against anything that isn't immune to lightning.
- Great companion-build for the Mind Controlling swords.
- Wolves are terrible pets.
Fire Wolf :roll:
- No comparison to the Lightning version.

Plague of Souls/Summoner :)
- Very gear dependent.
- Plague is best used as an assist (like cursing), though it's a bit tricky at times.
Osteomancer :D
- Cheap, effective, and diverse...
- Though it's tempting to just sit back and do nothing but cast Bone Wave.

Conjurer :(
- Just another windy Druid.
Spectral Serpenteer :cool:
- The very gear dependent version of a serpenteer... I even got Poison Serpents to the point of usefullness.
Decrepifying Summoner-type Guy :(
- I was trying to go for a melee/minion build here, sort of. Ran into problems with AR no matter what I tried.
- Was going to try again as a part-Conjurer blend, but would likely just whind up using Spirit of Guilt in the end.

Bow-skill Blend :cry:
- Where's her life?
- It's do or die. Choose the wrong type of arrow once, and that split second means all the difference between killing the monster or being killed by an immune shadow.
- Tried to get a good amount of damage and Freeze Target onto Strafe, but there were still always monsters that would simply be unphased by all that and end it right there.
Trap Blend :cool:
- Where's her life?
- Frost Traps = Ow, my eyes!
- Frost/Poison Traps = Why do they fire before monsters are in range?

Magi is next for me.

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