WWC2 - The Plan

Information and teasers for the upcoming When Worlds Collide 2 mod. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mod, please post them here.
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WWC2 - The Plan

Post by Drac0 » Tue May 24, 2005 4:23 am

Just a few details of what I propose to do in this mod.

Note that this is a long term project, so don't expect too many changes too quick. The initial beta's should start being released in a couple of weeks, but don't expect to see to many visual changes at first. I will start mainly with gameplay changes - skill tweaks, monster changes etc.

NOTE: This mod will make use of both D2mod.dll (and plugins) and PlugY. This means that it will require the PC version of D2 LoD v1.10 and will not work on MAC's.

So here are some things I'm planning:
  • Working Title - WWC II: Descent into HELL!
  • Theme - A multi level dungeon where you must first battle your way to the depths of hell and face Diablo, before battling your way to the top of the world to attempt to dispatch Baal.
  • Map Changes - expect to see little in the way of blue sky and open fields. Instead you will be faced with a labarynth of creepy crypt's, cold catacombs, crazy caves and chilling caverns. And no, you won't be faced with endless levels of tight mazes.
  • Items - while base items will basically remain the same (or even removed), expect plenty of new set's & uniques, along with new graphics. Vanilla set's & uniques will remain, but most will be tweaked, perhaps totally changed.
  • Runewords - many new runewords for all levels.
  • Cube - Many new cube recipe's. Watch out for activators that will be required to use some of the more powerful recipe's
  • Quests - new optional side quests, most of which will occur in new and exiting area's will require all your skill & cunning to survive.
  • World Event - Plugy's World Event simulation feature will allow Diablo Clone to walk in Sanctuary, just as on the realms.
  • Hirelings - much improved mercs to help you through the chaos - and you'll need all the help you can get!
  • And More! - this is nowhere near a complete list of changes I'm looking at making, but it sure makes a start. :)
So watch out for posted updates as additions are completed.


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