v1.5C delayed [EDIT: Released]

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v1.5C delayed [EDIT: Released]

Post by Quatl » Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:16 pm

I'm going to delay the planed release of 1.5C for today. I'm implementing a scheme to make carying more than one tome a very bad idea.

I want to test this more copmpletely before releaseing it, as it may break current characters. I'd like to make sure I won't have to break saves again after this if possible (for the vanilla version anyhow.)

The way it will work is that when you add the first skill to the tome it will be taged, along with adding the skill. If you have more than one tome which contains skills in your inventory your hps, stamina and mana will be set to 0 (well 1 for hps) I don't really like this, but since I couldn't figure out how to turn characters into chickens based on a stat value (a much more entertaining way to say "stop cheating" :twisted:) it'll have to do.

This version will also include several typo fixes, and a few behind the scenes tweeks (some synergies are giving incorectly low adds, and a few other things.)



The install forlder is changed ( [D2]\LotH(V)\ ) to suport folks who may want to test previrews of non-vanilla skills LotH later. The shortcut in the archive and ini's have been updated to this folder, but I think I may have forgoten to correct the readme file. The install procedure is the same as always, If you have LotH installed there is no need to re-install d2mod. Saves are broken, hopefuly for the last time for the Vanilla flavor.

I'll post the fiull release notification when I get back later today.

[EDIT2: You can grab (V)1.5C from the Anouncementspost in this forum]
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