[NefEx/1.11b] NewTxt-Plugin

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[NefEx/1.11b] NewTxt-Plugin

Post by CorniI » Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:26 pm

I've written a NewTxt-Plugin for 1.11b. The Readme:
This NefEx-Plugin for 1.11b adds an API for NefEx-Plugins to add their own Text files. You as enduser can't do much with this alone except installing it when a plugin requests this in it's README.
The NefEx.ini-Signature Entry
DllFile = D:\Programme\Diablo II_2\NewTxt.dll
Signature = 3774964


Version 1.00RC1-RC2 internal only
1.00 02/02/2008 - Fianl release
1.01 03/02/2008 - fixes one crash when you quit Diablo, also better compiling options choosen. Attention, new Signature!
Have fun using it :P
Bug-reports are appreciated.
DL-Link Version 1.01: http://www.files.to/get/179474/kljemnq6b9
edit1: typo
edit2: THe Version 1.01 fixes a crash, so make sure you update
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