[Mod Release] Casual Nostalgia

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Re: [Mod Release] Casual Nostalgia

Post by Talic » Sat May 30, 2020 12:44 pm

I wouldn't know.
Now if I enter Tristram the voice is in English i.e. the land in here is dead, sth like that, but I guess the first time it was in French.
Will test once again, that's like few minutes only.
I guess I was wrong, only the voice by Cain is in French.
Yeah, only when he is in the cage then he speaks French, everything else is in English, even when you click on him after you release him from the cage.
I guess the first time when I clicked on the cage Cain was talking and talking and I guess that didn't trigger the Barbarian's voice....but I guess I thought it was Barbarian who was also talking :mrgreen:
So, all solved for now. :P
Monster shrine - doesn't seems to work, at least no monster were summoned by the shrine.
Evil urn - seems to work fine in the caves, but in the world area, no monsters are summoned.
I do have some questions, but need to finish act V.
See ya. :P

Can you make it possible for the codex of recipes to be duplicated, at least I would find it easier to duplicate it 17 times for easier reading :mrgreen:


; Fixes the Ethereal Armor Socketing Defense Bug

Do I need to enable this option or not?

Are you thinking to add Nizari and Jettaman's Treasure Goblin Plugin, I guess it would be nice addition to the game, but of course, that is up to you.

; Patch allows Hireling to equip boots, gloves, belt, amulet and one ring.

I guess this one is also up to you, setting to 1 does nothing, I guess that there should be actually DC6 for the merc, right.

DynHealthBar and CharmZone are working really nice :P

Currenly all seems to work fine, perfectly fine.

I'm still trying to figure it out Ingridients, especially object of great power, not easy, I guess it is not for normal difficulty :?:

Thank You for really nice mod :)

And forgot to ask sth, is it possible if you could add color to item drop, on the ground only, for gems, looking at some topics that would be like few minutes for you, and it would be a lot easier to notice them, I mean runes have color, charms too.... :oops:
Thank You for all Your hard work. :leftthumb:

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