[1.14d] Where should I start learning Code Editing?

This forum is for discussions on how to edit what can not be edited through the txt files, needless to say this isn't about battle net hacking.

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[1.14d] Where should I start learning Code Editing?

Post by fernsehen123 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:36 am


in the sticky thread So you want to Code Edit, but Don't Know ASM I found some tutorial, where I looked into those:
  • Foxbats Hex Editing Tutorial
    sir_generals Advanced Code Editing Tutorial
I understood how to use XVI32 to edit the Game.exe / Diablo2.exe in my Diablo II folder.
But I do not find a D2Game.dll in my folder. And all those guides are for older versions.
Should I transfer my mod to 1.13c ?? Or how/where can I start learning CE for my 1.14d ?

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Re: [1.14d] Where should I start learning Code Editing?

Post by Necrolis » Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:58 am

From.1.14a almost all the dlls of interest were merged into game.exe. on one hand this makes simple edits a lot easier to handle, on the other hand it has jumbled up where you can find the various places to edit quite a bit.

Being new I'd recommend using a version with lots of support, 1.13c, 1.11b or 1.10f.
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