Adding Synergies to Nova not working

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Adding Synergies to Nova not working

Post by EisBacken » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:25 pm

Skills.txt: EDmgSymPerCalc -> Formula for damage entered
SkillsDesc.txt: -> Synergy-Description added.
Result: "Nova Receives Bonuses from:". That's it, there is no synergy-listing, and the damage-numbers do not change when I put skill points somewhere .

What I tried:
Swapping almost everything between Lightning and Nova inside of skillsDesc.txt.
Lightning shows the correct Description of Nova, including its new synergies.
Nova is showing the descrption of Lightning, but it is still missing synergies.

Because of this, I assume that there is nothing wrong with SkillsDesc.txt, but I don't know what else is wrong. Skills.txt looks fine, no notable differences between Nova and other skills, but I haven't tried swapping values there yet. Before I try out changing skills.txt, I'm asking here hoping someone else knows the solution already.

Forgot to mention: Version 1.13c with PlugY and D2SE

SOLVED: Forgot to set par8, woooops

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