The Puppeteer - Help with file-sharing

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The Puppeteer - Help with file-sharing

Post by thewolfzero » Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:25 pm

Hello people, I´d like some advice cuz I am getting really freaked out.

Recently I released a mod on moddb - The Puppeteer. I am having troubles sharing the files with the players. I am coming across several problems such as maps without enemies or bosses, or access violation when equipping an item, missing skill icons or hireables icons. The thing is, all of those files are included in the download. Literally everything is there, I have no extra files I did not upload. People play using -direct and I share bins for the mod, outside of mpq.

For me, everything works okay. No errors which people report happen to me at all. I have no idea what to do. I tried sharing txts but using those people won´t even get to the game. I am clueless about what to do anymore. If anyone is willing to help, here is my contact for Discord:


or the mod group:

Also I am playing not using D2SE while most if not all players play with it.

Thanks in advance !

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