[Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

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[Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by leekun » Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:15 pm

Hello, first English is not my mother language so expect a {filtered} load of Engrish here.

Back to the topic, this is just another 1.10f mod.
To summarize the mod in short, It's the "trying to balance things in D2" kind of mod. The main focus of this mod is to balance things, fix bugs, and make the gameplay more smooth. It also comes with random things I feel like putting in the game. So in another word you could say this is my wish list mod.

The mod is still in beta and far from completed. I decided to release it to get some feedback while I'm going to go on vacation tomorrow for 3 days.

Latest version for D2SE only: [1.00 Beta Fix]
Google Drive
*Something went wrong when I created the patch. It's fixed now, please re download again and be sure to delete the old one before extracting.

List of important changes: [1.00 Beta]
- Introduced Spell Damage stats which spells and pets will base their damage of, similar to how melee skills work. (Monsters also use the same system)
- Monsters' skills gain their level based on area level
- No more Hirelings (I just don't like them very much)
- Every maps can now spawn with friendly soldiers that will help you bashing all of those evil bastards
- Every piece of equipments irregardless of quality can now spawn with sockets
- Throwing weapons now consumes bolts when thrown instead of its own quantities (Crossbows use arrows now)
- No more Class Specific Items (Assassin can dual wield daggers)
- No more exceptional and elite version of equipments (I'll add them back only if Hell mode is too hard)
- Runewords are disabled (Runes still exist)
- Gold is harder to obtain now. Most of items sell for 0 gold. Only Set and Unique items, Gems and Runes have price.
- Act Bosses are now Super Unique which means they can spawn with modifiers
- Every unique items have its own unique inventory arts
- Diablo clone has a chance to drop Hellfire Torch
- Enabled some unused monsters
- No more locked chests and thus no more keys
- Classic and Pre 1.10 Prefixes and Suffixes (Thanks to Nefarius)
- All missiles can miss now
- Energy increases spell damage by 1% per 1 point
- Might be more that I cannot remember
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Re: [Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by leekun » Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:22 pm

Something went wrong when I packed the source files. It's fixed now. Please re download again and be sure to delete the old one before extracting.
The game crashed when I didn't include the txts to mpq even though the bins were still there. really weird.

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Re: [Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by gogodanny » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:27 pm

Hi there,

not to be unfair, but I think your Mod won't attract too many gamers and there's a couple reasons I think this way:

1) There's barely anything new to it
2) you didn't really revamp anything, you simply decided to scrap a ton of stuff
3) no new skills/monsters/items/runewords/sets ... u name it
4 ...

To sum it up: D2 was helluva game we all enjoyed, yet many people decided to ADD stuff and remove (AND add) other stuff so there're new things to discover.

It's almost 2 decades since D2 showed up and your mod erases known stuff, but doesn't add anything to the table ...

Sorry if my wording seems quite drastic, but due to the underwhelming changelog I highly doubt you'll receive a lot of positive feedback ...

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Re: [Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by Fawahar » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:25 pm

I wound agree with gogodanny that new content can improve the interest of the mod, as gamers looking into mods generally, would prefer new fancy out-of-the-box things, usually technically improved. However, on the totally contrary side, your approach might be just what no one else will try to do with the game, thus making extremely valuable and unique D2 experience -- so what I can say to balance out the notes made before me, is: Be persistent and try to show with your skills what really Diablo II looks like from your perspective.

For the record, I have not tested the mod, since I am heavily disliking what Blizz did with 1.10+ LoD
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Re: [Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by leekun » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:56 pm

Thanks for the direct feedbacks. Now that you said it, I agree that I do scrap things out too much. though those things are what I really dislike but can't be help I guess. Next time I will add things back and go from there then.

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Re: [Mod Release] Advent Phantasm

Post by kingpin » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:40 pm

You should focus on what you would like see in the game. I personally do that myself remove parts I dont like.

In the end it will make your mod more interesting and unique. Will try it out then I get some spare time over.

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