TreasureClass, qlvl and Unique Items

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TreasureClass, qlvl and Unique Items

Post by ShakaLaka » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:05 pm

I'm making a Mod without difficulty levels where the best items drop at Act 5 Normal. The monsters at Act 5 are Level 20 - 25 right now, but I have not changed the Item Levels yet (I'm scared to break weapX & armoX in TreasureClass.txt). I have a few questions. Some of them might be beginner questions, but I've got issues finding some reliable information, and some stuff was hard to understand.

Lets say the following happens:
  1. a monster with level 25 is killed.
  2. "Act 5 H2H C" is chosen to drop (written into "monstats.txt")
  3. From the "Act 5 H2H C"-row, the Treasure Class "Act 5 Equip C" is chosen to drop ("Act 5 Equip C" has Level 36 in TreasureClass.txt)
  4. "Act 5 Equip C" chooses "weap81" to drop. (this line is modified to be able to drop weap81)
  5. A weapon from weapon.txt with a level of 79 - 81 is dropped (correct?)
  1. Which qlvl is used for Unique-Item-Chance calculation, 25 (monster level) or 36 (TC level)?
  2. Can the dropped Item become unique, or is it not possible because the Item Level is higher than qlvl?
  3. If the Item is able to become Unique, would the chance in this case be 1/(Unique - 0/UniqueDivisor) = 1/Unique (from itemratio.txt)?
  4. Lets say the Item to be dropped is Level 5, than the chance for Unique would be: 1/(Unique - ((qlvl-5)/UniqueDivisor)), correct?
  5. Is the qlvl and ilvl difference allowed to be higher than 5? I think i have read something about this but can't find it.
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Re: TreasureClass, qlvl and Unique Items

Post by saesa » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:33 pm

Seems you are mixing up few things.
All base item types (eg Colossus Blade, Short Sword) have a qlvl. This number is defined in weapons.txt and is the same for all Colossus Blades, be they white or blue or green or gold. This number is used in two main cases, deciding which mods a rare or magic item can get, and modifying the chance of it being unique or set etc.

All set and unique items (eg Grandfather, Rixot's Keen) have a qlvl as well; this is an independent number defined in uniques.txt or setitems.txt and only applies to the specific unique in question. It is unrelated to the base item qlvl, although both are used. The only real use of this number is a monster must be at least that level to be able to drop a particular set or unique.

The higher the difference between mlvl and qlvl, the less likely is item going to be magical, ending up being normal or even more often cracked quality.
You have to set up some numbers in Magic, Rare, Set, Uni columns in order to get better quality in TreasureClassEx.txt if you are trying to force low monsters drop high qlvl items...

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Re: TreasureClass, qlvl and Unique Items

Post by ShakaLaka » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:15 pm

Thanks, I think I understand it now. If my Level 5 monsters have a higher chance of droping a level 10 magical item than the level 25 monsters droping a level 50 magical item, then i will change the Item Levels.

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