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[Request] New Project

Post by dreameaterx » Wed May 15, 2019 5:39 pm

As I am slowly nearing the end of development of Puppeteer, as trying to put even more in there would start making it kind of overdone, I was wondering what will I be doing next, cause I definitelly do not feel like quitting modding, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a new project maybe ?

So I am looking for people who are possibly free or weren't doing much anymore or have any other reason to want to start a new mod, but cannot bring themselves to it, whether they would possibly like to form some kind of team to make a new mod. I have a few ideas already, the most important being: skill trees remake with some skills new, some modified and some moved between the characters to allow new combinations, got a few possibly solid ideas. 2nd change would be maybe maps remake ? Make less, preset maps with 2-3 versions and just connect them with warps what would be kind of "fake wilderness" areas and such. Aside from the skill tree a bit and maps idea in general haven't thought about it that much yet.

If anyone is interested contact me here or on Discord (dreameaterx#5508), where I have set up a new group dedicated to this.

Don't take this as a serious recruitment, I don't plan to start deving next week, maybe not at all even, this would be just to talk about the ideas and if we reach some kind of result, we could start thinking about working on it. I'd prefer a not too complicated project so it actually gets finished.

I'd also like to make use of Dreamlands, if there will be too much creativity maybe remake quests ?

Anyway, looking forward to the discussion.

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