Welcome to the Diablo I Chatter section !

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Welcome to the Diablo I Chatter section !

Post by Ogodei » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:23 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Diablo I Chatter section.

Here you will be discussing about your Diablo I experiences with the fellow keepers and share your opinions in matter concerning the game. Remember to take a look at our terms-of-service to know what our rules are and what kind of behavior we expect from fellow keepers.

Currently we host the following section:

Diablo I Modding: The place in which all your modding related questions should be asked
Devilution: A massive and impressive project by GalaXyHaXz aimed to rebuild Diablo I's source code (Team members: AJenbo, mewmew, seri, Qndel).
Infernity: A mod developed by Qndel full of quality of life features and balance improvements.
Belzebub: A reimplementation of Diablo I on a brand new engine developed by BrightLord with some aid from Noktis . The mod is no longer supported as the author marked it as complete.
Tchernobog: Following the success of Belzebub, BrightLord worked on a Multiplayer version of it that goes under the codename of Tchernobog, but then quit the modding scene. It is now developed by Qndel, Sergi4UA and Ogodei.
EQUINE: An utility developed by Sergi4UA that acts as mod manager. A must for mod players.
Crucible: An extremely hard mod true to a veteran Diablo I player's expectation, developed by OverUsedChewToy
D1Legit: A section dedicated to the D1Legit community, in which you can find party members and help for your vanilla D1 games.

Enjoy your stay!

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Re: Welcome to the Diablo I Chatter section !

Post by GainTrain » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:29 pm

Looking good, thanks for setting this up. Nice to see a forum dedicated to the greater Diablo 1 community (both vanilla and mods).

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